Monday, 30 August 2021

Day 530

Day 530...

Today has been a bank holiday Monday and that means that everyone in this house has had the day off work. For Simon and I that is no different to normal as we do not work Mondays anyway!

But as the rest of the house...well Ethan that is as Molly is away at her fella's house this week...had no work today we took the opportunity to have a well needed 'lie-in' and took our time getting up and about. So much so that breakfast was more like brunch!

We then approached the rest of the day in a very relaxed and laid back manner. We enjoyed a couple of coffees while we 'read the papers' or otherwise known as perusing social medias and the like on our phones before heading out for a walk around our local area.

Today has been a dry day but a grey day which actually was pretty good for talking a walk out. We managed a 3.6 mile circle in around an hour and 18 minutes. We stopped by our local alpaca farm and saw the new baby alpaca's along with three new goats. We chatted with a few other walkers and gave directions to the aforementioned alpacas. We stopped and watched the local farmer as he bailed the recently cut crops; such an effective, yet simple, piece of machinery that was quite mesmerising to watch.

Back home and the sun began to shine so we took the time to sit outside and enjoy the garden along with a couple of cups of coffee. I also decided to cut back a couple of plants that were starting to overgrow the pathway as I knew we had some space in our garden rubbish bin that is due for collection tomorrow.

As the weather temperature started to get a little chilly we headed inside and that's when I remembered I'd got a little online shopping to complete as not only had I seen something in a sale that I liked but I'd also got a code for a discount. Well, I bought a blouse, a skirt and a top and took advantage of each item being in the 'sale' and free delivery and an extra 20% discount - win! 

At that point I thought I'd better step away from the laptop and cook some dinner instead; keto chicken parmesan!

And now it's time to drink some wine, maybe some dark chocolate and relax for the evening.

See you tomorrow.

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