Monday, 23 August 2021

Day 523

Day 523...

Monday once again and we were up and about relatively early as we had to drop Simon's car at the garage for it's annual service.

With that job done we headed home to figure out what the rest of the day had in store. Initially we thought about putting some items up for sale on Ebay but quickly realised it was more of a one person job and we really wanted to spend the day doing stuff together.

So our focus quickly turned into having a sort through a cupboard and some storage boxes instead. End result was a couple of bags of rubbish, two empty wicker storage baskets and a freshly reorganised cupboard. We then ventured outside to see if we could make use of the wicker baskets in the shed...which in turn got us talking about clearing the shed out...which then switched our focus to the garden! So the wicker baskets are now in the shed in case they can be used for something and Simon then demolished the two garden seats we had made a couple of years ago out of pallets as they were starting to collapse. Fast forward to one car full of wood and a trip to our local recycling centre!

After a spot of lunch Simon attacked the weeds in the garden with some weedkiller and Molly got the sander out to carry on with her latest creative endeavour. We then headed out in search of coffee and some quiet time while we waited for the garage to call to tell us to pick up Simon's car. So I spent some time writing and Simon spent his time drawing and two coffee's later it was time to collect the car.

Craftily we have my car also booked in for its service tomorrow at the same garage so as we collected Simon's car this afternoon we were able to leave mine in its place and will await the call to collect it sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Back home again and we had just enough time for a coffee before taking Molly over to her first kickboxing class of the week. While she did some fighting we fought our way around a surprisingly busy supermarket to pick up a handful of things. Although it was great to see the majority of shoppers were mask free and simply getting on with their lives as they would have done at any other time.

But there we have a where's my glass of wine?!

See you tomorrow.

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