Saturday, 7 August 2021

Day 507

Day 507...

We have reached yet another Saturday and it was a fairly busy day.

Ethan had a hair appointment first thing, to which Simon played taxi service and Molly had her usual guitar lesson but as her fella was here she had her own personal taxi service.

Simon, Ethan and I then ventured into Nottingham for a bit of retail therapy. Having helped Ethan sort through his wardrobe the other night we were hoping to replenish and revamp. So by the end of the trip Ethan had bought some trainers, belt, socks and a t-shirt, I'd bought myself a bracelet and we'd enjoyed a Five Guys burger and a pit stop for a coffee.

Although it was funny when we stopped for the burger as Simon opened his bun-less burger to find the salad and toppings but no actual burger! They were very apologetic and sorted Simon with a complete new order which meant he ended up with double salad and toppings.

While we shopped Molly and Dan were also in Nottingham but they were at the ice arena for an hour of skating.

The rest of the day was spent drinking coffee, a little reading for me and for Simon some more digital art work being created.

Time for wine, keto pizza and chill.

See you tomorrow.

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