Tuesday, 13 October 2020

In Work Tuesday

Day 209...

So as it always is Tuesday is my first day in work each week. Simon and I have been very fortunate over the last year or so to be able to reduce our working week.

Simon's company all work a four day week now and their productivity has never been so good. In fact all the way through 'lockdown' with the added factor of home working they have gone from strength to strength, their communication has improved and they feel more together as a team than ever.

My work day was the usual admin type stuff, updating a few bits and pieces, dealing with emails, prepping invoices and registers for the upcoming new term. We have this week and next in pre-school before we take a break for a week so my focus has now turned to making sure everything is ready for that return.

Must admit I felt very 'out of it' today, not completely sure why but have definitely got that vibe that either something needs to happen or something needs to change. Not sure where that's going to take me just yet but I really feel the need for something to happen.

Once home I had yet another parcel to package up ready for taking to the post office tomorrow morning. I had one of my committee members drop by to collect some goodies ready for next weeks Halloween themed week at pre-school; we have had a big donation of treats and sweets from our local Asda store and we are using them to make up special 'treat bags' that we will then sell as a little fundraiser for the pre-school.

This evening Simon has been playing with a new toy. In fact as I type this he is stood at the opposite end of the room with a VR headset in place; the new Oculus Quest 2. All I can hear is laughs and the odd astonished comment along with dance moves and looking at dinosaurs. Apparently I need to have a go at it...not really my sort of thing but no doubt over the course of the next few days I will venture into the world of virtual reality. I find it a tricky concept to get my head around and not sure I like the thought of being cut off from this world and dropped into another but I will have a go, at some point, and then report back!

So on the virus front we are approaching new tiers being brought in from tomorrow and while where I live is classed as 'medium' and therefore we carry on as we have been doing, the borough council next door is at the 'high' level. This basically means that you can no longer meet with people you do not live with indoors anywhere, but you can still meet up to 6 people outdoors. 

Our opposition party is now calling for a short circuit breaker type lockdown so who knows what or where we will be in a few days time. As I've said before the situation is ever changing, those in power don't seem to have a plan, or at least an effective one, and even scientists don't seem to agree. This just leaves us 'the general public' in a state of confusion and a feeling of hopelessness.

All we can do is take care of ourselves and do whatever we can to stay safe; wash your hands, wear a mask and keep your distance.

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