Monday, 19 October 2020

Shopping, Walk and a Disney Box

Day 215...

A pretty standard sort of Monday today.

First job of the day was to fetch the weekly grocery shop with a quick stop-off on the way home to put petrol in the car. Once home it was get everything packed away before enjoying a coffee.

I had a couple of completed Ebay sales so need to find packaging and get them all sorted for posting out. I also had a couple more items to add to my selling list which means that I have almost everything that I need to sell listed. I'm just left with a load of glassware and I have no idea what I've got; just lots of bowls and a few vases none of which are my style and probably date back to anywhere between the 1960's and 1980's! I'm sure somebody out there will appreciate them so it seems a shame to throw them away so if I can't sell them I think they'll get donated to a local charity shop.

We had a small moment of panic this morning when I realised that the washing machine had stopped working but when I realised that the tumble dryer was also not working we knew that the problem was with the electrics and not the appliances. After swapping over a couple of plugs we were able to get them back up and running - phew!

Then it was time for another decent walk, taking advantage of the dry weather and a little sunshine. We managed 3.8 miles in an hour and 19 minutes.

By the time we had arrived home I had had a delivery...always love a Disney brown box day!

Just love the festive detail on the inside!
And yes there were Christmas decorations's just a couple of them...
How cute are these 'ears'?!
And a classic Disney character getting in a festive tangle
...and I ordered some more yesterday so should have another box arriving in a weeks time - oops!

The rest of the day has been very relaxed and chilled out, with coffee outside, some online browsing and Simon has been exercising his artistic talents with some more digital painting. Check out his Instagram or Twitter to see what he has been up to.

And on the dreaded virus front we have Wales announcing a two week lockdown from Friday, we have Ireland going into a four to six week lockdown and so speculation is rife that we will be heading the same way. We are due to break for a week on Friday from pre-school for what is called our 'Autumn half term break' so there is lots of chatter about this being turned into a longer break to relieve any pressures there could be on the health service. So watch this space to see what actually ends up happening.

All we can do is stay safe, take care and wash our hands, keep our distance and wear a mask.

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