Thursday, 22 October 2020

Work & Podcast

Day 218...

Another day is done and another fairly straight forward sort of day.

Work was the usual lot of admin and banking as we had our penultimate day at pre-school before we break for a weeks holiday. We have been having our Halloween Fun Week and as a result should have raised a little bit of extra cash by the time we get to the end of tomorrow.

Once home it was time to grab a coffee and jump online with my fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle as we recorded another podcast to be released this coming Sunday. Lots of chat about new merchandise released ready for Christmas as well as which Disney Halloween movies we should, or should not, be watching.

I always enjoy hooking up with Michelle we love chatting all things Disney, plus we are great friends so it's great to have an excuse to natter away and set the world to rights. Michelle is due to have an operation next week and so has had to 'self isolate' for the last fourteen days but she has still been able to organise a little surprise parcel for me that arrived today.

How cute is this little knitted pumpkin? This certainly brightened up my day and was really appreciated, thanks Michelle xx

And while I've been writing this post Simon has been driving his mouse droid around my feet making beep and boop noises! The accelerometer is working and is being tweaked for sensitivity as I type!

And that's where I shall leave it for today.

Take care, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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