Saturday, 31 October 2020

Happy Halloween

Day 227...

Happy Halloween!!

Now over the past ten years or more we have held numerous Halloween parties and this year with Halloween falling on a Saturday it would have been a given that a Halloween party was in order.

Usually this means a gathering of friends, plenty of ghoulish attire, a selection of yummy treats, a few drinks of an alcoholic nature and the inevitable turning on of the karaoke machine.

We have had some great parties, hosted by either ourselves or by friends, over the years and that makes not having one this year such a sad time. So I thought rather than my usual blog piece I would share some photos of our various parties from years gone by!

Back in 2005
2010 with a Disney vibe

Karaoke with my bestie!


Catwoman & Joker - 2012

Artwork by Simon - this was done as our party invitation

And one more from the vault which is very appropriate as last night we started watching season two of The Mandalorian - which was amazing!
It was fun looking back on all of these and I am sure I've missed a few, but great to have the memories to share and remember what being with people was all about.

And as we get ready for a second nationwide lockdown starting this coming Thursday it is good to remember the times that we have had and will have once again. Let's hope this will do some good but I'm really not sure. As far as I can make out lockdowns will not make the virus disappear all they do is buy us some time so that hospitals are not overwhelmed and that systems can be put in place to help us when we get out the other side of said lockdown. Let's hope that something actually gets done this time as it would appear that that didn't happen very effectively the last time.

So all we can do is keep safe, wash our hands, keep our distance, wear a mask and stay home as much as possible.

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