Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Day 203

Day 203...

No work today so I made a conscious effort not to jump up out of bed straight away and enjoy not having to be out the door at a certain time.

Once sorted around this morning I had one more Ebay sale to package up. Slightly tricky as all the spare boxes I'd got were either too small or way too big. So I took one of the bigger ones and fashioned my own box out of it so that it would fit the item I was shipping. It did take me a while to get it sorted but I was very pleased with my results...this is the sort of crafty/DIY job that I would normally ask Simon to do for me so I felt quite proud of my efforts!!

While printing labels I did a little google research on some china that I'd ideally like to sell on as I think it's too good to just throw away. Turns out I was able to date it to the late 1940's, so fingers crossed I can find a new owner who will be able to enjoy and appreciate them. That's been the great thing about selling stuff recently that while we have been able to benefit financially we know that pieces have gone to new homes where they will be appreciated and get a new lease of life.

While internet surfing my browser very kindly informed me that some of my passwords may have been compromised and that I should change them - ugh! Turns out it was sites using a password from way back and were just sites that I'd obviously missed when updating. But a good lesson to us all...pick different passwords and change them regular. 

When lunchtime came around Simon and I jumped in the car to take all the various parcels off to their relevant delivery companies; ended up having to use three different systems in the end as a few were on the heavy and larger size.

The early part of the afternoon was spent doing a little work as I wanted to update a couple of documents while the discussions from yesterday were still relatively fresh in my head. Then I figured I'd earnt a coffee sat outside in the sunshine but no sooner than I had sat down my butchers delivery arrived. 

But I made sure I took the time to enjoy my coffee before heading indoors to sort all the meat out; splitting it into meal sizes and then finding room in the freezer for it all. Took me a little longer than normal as my usual helper, Molly, is away at her boyfriends this week.

And that was my day. We have new restrictions coming in for part of Scotland and even closer to where I live there are calls for the community to not mix indoors with concern that there maybe stricter restrictions brought in by central government. Just feels like we are making no progress with this virus and all the while it looms over us stopping us from getting on and doing all the things that we want, and need, to do.

Take care out there, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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