Thursday, 15 October 2020

More restrictions...

Day 211...

And it was back in work day today. And pretty much a standard sort of work day.

Once home I had a short amount of time to catch up on a few bits, take delivery of my weekly local dairy order before sitting down to record a podcast for the show I co-host, the Disney Dream Girls.

In podcast recording mode
Today we were very fortunate to chat with the lovely Terri Hardin. Terri is a sculptor, puppeteer, artist and Disney Imagineer and is a delight to chat with. She has some amazing stories to tell and I could listen to her chatter away for hours. It was, as it always is, nice to catch up with my co-host Michelle who is having to self isolate at the moment prior to having a knee operation in a couple of weeks time.

While dinner was cooking I sorted through my Halloween decorations to see which bits would be suitable to take into pre-school for our Halloween fun week next week; I have two boxes worth of stuff to take in so hopefully we will be able to make everywhere look suitably Halloween themed.

We heard at lunchtime today that the area that we live and work in will be going into Tier 2 restrictions as from Saturday. So what does that mean exactly? Well apparently we can no longer meet friends or family inside our own homes (we could only have up to 6 anyway) but we can meet them outdoors and we can still go to a pub or restaurant but only as our household group and the pub must close by 10pm.

It really boggles my mind as to what those restrictions will actually achieve. As far as I understand it a lockdown will not get rid of the virus it will simply help to ease the pressure on our health services; which I am all in support of should they need it. But what I don't understand is how us, as a family of four, cannot invite one or two people of our choosing into our house, but yet they can come and sit in our garden. But at the same time I can go and sit in a pub or restaurant for a couple of hours, indoors, with people that I have never met before and have no idea where they have been or who they have seen. At least at home I will only let into my space someone that I know where they have been, what they have been up to and who I feel comfortable letting in. So yes, I really don't 'get it' and that is the phrase that I am hearing a lot of. We all want to do our bit but we just don't 'get it'; where is the logic? Somebody please explain it to plain English!

So like we have been doing all along, I will do what I consider to be safe and responsible, I will risk assess my movements and the movements of those around me while trying my best to adhere to whatever new 'rules' come into play.

Take care out there, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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