Friday, 9 October 2020

Back to Work

Day 205...

So after the events of yesterday it was back to pre-school and open as normal today...and everything was fine.

We are aware of other children in other schools awaiting test results and I think we are just going to have to accept that this is going to become part of the normal run of things.

I have had to let my county council know, our regulatory body know as well as keeping committee, staff and parents all up to date. I was expecting to be contacted by the UK's 'Track & Trace' program but we heard nothing; I can only presume that as the child was not at pre-school in the couple of days prior to symptoms appearing that there is no need to involve us in the process.

More changes though as we were advised of two children leaving us over the next few months, moving to other settings closer to where they live or where older siblings attend school. It is always sad to find out children are leaving us when not expected as we really do get attached to these children and it stings when our time with them gets cut short.

The rest of my day was spent dealing with the usual administration tasks; updating children records and staff files along with some book-keeping and filing.

I will admit to not feeling quite with it today, just feeling a bit disconnected from everything and I'm not really sure why. There are times when I feel a change is needed, and that has nothing to do with the current virus situation, perhaps I'm just at that time in my life when I need a new direction, a new challenge...I don't know...I guess only time will tell.

Once home it was time for a coffee, a few more emails, responding to some Ebay questions and just generally catching up on things. Molly has had her first Etsy sale today, how exciting!! But as she is currently staying with her boyfriend 190 miles away she had to enlist my help to organise the dispatch of the bought item. Thankfully she is very organised and it was very easy to get all the necessary bits together and get everything sorted for dropping in the post tomorrow.

So there we have the end of another working week and I'm really not sure where that leaves us all as a country. We have possible new restrictions coming into force next week...but it may be different depending on where you live...there's a new job support scheme coming in and all the while we are told cases are rising and hospitals maybe approaching critical levels again.

The longer this goes on I fear there is a danger that we all just lose interest, but I think the blame for this can lie with those in charge who quite frankly do not seem to know what they are doing. We had a long lockdown and numbers went down, we re-opened the country and numbers stayed steady but now they are rising again - so why? Is this just a side-effect of the time of year or something more? But will we ever find out the honest answers?

The further we get into this pandemic the more skeptical I find myself getting. I will always do as I am told and will listen to those in power and try and do my bit to help the 'greater cause' but with forever changing messages, with one rule for us and one rule for them, I find myself questioning more and more. I don't have the answers and the problem is now I don't know who actually does have the answers. Esteemed science people can't even seem to agree so what chance do the rest of us have at understanding or believing what we are told.

I have said for a while now that in a year or so's time there will be a documentary made about this pandemic, how it started and how it was handled around the world and I worry about what we may find out!

But until then I suppose all we can do is look after ourselves, keep our distance, wash our hands and wear a mask.

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