Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Day 224

Day 224...

Well today turned out to be a fairly quiet and ordinary sort of day.

The morning was taken up with a few household chores followed by packing some more of my Ebay sales. I had one small parcel to take to my local post office and then another to deliver locally. It turned out that an item I was selling was wanted by someone who lived only a couple of miles away and they asked if I could deliver for them, which I duly did.

Once home it was time for Simon's lunchbreak so we took a brisk walk through our village, managing just over a mile and a half in 30 minutes and got home just as the rain started.

The afternoon was then taken up with the pre-school work that I hadn't been able to complete yesterday. Just a case of completing the accounts for the first term of the year and only a couple of minor errors stopped me from balancing first time; although it was still rather annoying that I hadn't been able to balance them first time.

Molly had another kickboxing class this evening followed by her first 'strength and conditioning' class, deadlifts and the like!

And that was today. As the county next door to where we are prepares to head into Tier 3 restrictions from Friday and France announce another nationwide lockdown and the inevitable sad news that Disneyland Paris will have to close again for who knows how long. This follows announcements from Disney in the US overnight that lots of their equity employees, so all those who perform in a multitude of shows will be laid off by the end of the year. Very sad times indeed...fair to say I am rather fed up of 2020, think we need a 'do-over'.

Stay safe out there, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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