Saturday, 10 October 2020

Welcome to the Weekend

Day 206...

A slightly later than planned emerging from my slumber this morning but once up and about it was on with the day.

One of our furniture sales was collected first thing so another satisfied customer. And then the focus of my morning was recording this weeks podcast with my fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle.

We were both snowed under with work and full of colds last week so this was our first show in a couple of weeks. It was great just to catch up with Michelle and a bonus that we got to chat Disney as well.

We then decided to dodge the rain showers and go out for a walk, which ultimately ended up with visiting my Dad. I haven't been able to see him for a few weeks so it was lovely to spend a little time catching up and to see that he is well and getting on with life the best he can.

On the walk home we managed to stay dry and despite encountering rain it seemed to stop as soon as it had started. The afternoon has then been spent with both Simon and I sat at computers. Simon has been programming the sounds for his mouse droid project. He has been able to find a set of fantastic, authentic sound effects so all I have heard from the opposite end of the room all afternoon is clicks, beeps and boops...oh and the odd swear word when things haven't gone quite right. As I understand it there is programming and Arduinos and accelerometers involved!!

I on the other hand have been placing more items up for sale on various selling platforms. We also had another piece of sold furniture get collected and I managed to sell the buyer another piece to go with the item she was picking up!

Seeing a Facebook memory from four years ago I was prompted to update my car antenna topper! I have a fair few of these and do try to change them to match the time of year or just because I can! So we went from a Mike Wazowski... a more seasonal Stitch as a Vampire..
Nice to have a little bit of Disney with me wherever I may go!

And to round out the day we decided on take-out from our local kebab while not strictly low carb they are very tasty and packed with lots of meat and salad...we just don't bother with the pitta bread and hey presto we have a low carb version!

Saturday is done, Autumn is well and truly with us so whatever you do take care, keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

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