Sunday, 4 October 2020

Coffee & a Catch-up

Day 200...

And welcome to Sunday.

Another steady start to the day being very mindful that we needed to be up and about as not only did Simon and I have plans for the day but Molly and Dan needed to get on the road at a reasonable time.

The lovely thing about today was that the weather didn't look too horrid first thing and I got to put on smart clothes and make-up!

We had plans to meet up with a friend and so I took the opportunity to dig out clothes I'd not worn in what feels like forever and actually take the time and effort to apply more than just mascara and lippy! I also got to wear my sparkly Dr Martin boots for the first time in forever,  although it felt very strange wearing boots rather than the trainers I have been living in for the past few months.

Molly has travelled 190 miles today to spend the next week or so with her boyfriend and so while she set off on a 3 hour journey we jumped in the car for a quick 20 minute journey to meet up with our friend Mimi who we have not seen since the beginning of the year (or maybe even longer?!).

We were able to meet up outside and enjoy a lovely few hours chatting over multiple mugs of coffee, having a spot of lovely food and enjoying a surprisingly dry and at times sunny afternoon. It was lovely to be able to spend the time in someone else's company, while maintaining all the current social norms; the distance, the wearing of masks when needed, the 'logging in' of where we were but sadly missing the chance to give each other a hug.

We chatted about how we have all been coping with the last 200 days, how it's affected us personally, how it's affected our work as well as our outlook on life now and beyond this current 'situation'. It was just lovely to be out and about and feel like we were doing something almost close to 'normal'. Thanks Mimi for a fabulous Sunday afternoon...we must do it again soon!

The lovely Mimi and I enjoying coffee and sunshine
Once back home it was time to get the boring stuff done; the grocery shop for collecting tomorrow morning along with posting a few more items online for sale. And while I did that Simon spent time 'tinkering' with his mouse droid project which as I type means I have a small droid doing laps of my kitchen!

The rest of the evening was spent listening to my phone going ping as I was inundated with enquiries about the stuff I'd just put up for sale! Think it's time to step away from the laptop, enjoy a glass of something sparkly and chill.

Stay safe out there, keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

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