Friday, 16 October 2020

Yay it's Friday!

Day 212...

Last day of the working week has come around once again.

A pretty standard sort of day with the usual admin to complete. This afternoon pre-school got dressed ready for our Halloween fun week next week and the team did a great job of making the room look suitably festive!

Once home I had a couple of emails to send and a few bits to sort out but then found out our prime minister was giving a televised press conference. So, with all the rumours and speculations going about at the moment  I thought it may be worth tuning into.

Well...did I learn anything new? Did I understand anything better? Am I any clearer on what their plan may be?...Err....No. All I learnt was that it was a chance to attack one region of our country who are wanting greater clarity and control before entering into the highest level of current restrictions. We were told about amazing new and quick tests that will be ground breaking and enable us to function so much better but that we don't know when they will be available and probably not for a while yet - oh!

And then, as it always is with these briefings, the finger was pointed at us, the great British public, to pull together and do our bit because that's the only way we will get through this...oh really? So being locked down for 12 weeks from March wasn't enough then? People losing their jobs and their businesses wasn't enough then? Not being able to see friends and family hasn't been enough then? And I could go on.

As a family I think we have been pretty good. All the way through lockdown we stayed home, Simon and I would go out for a walk each day and once a week I would collect my grocery shopping and that was it. When lockdown started to ease I went back to work while everyone else continued to work from home. We continued collecting our shopping and stayed pretty close to home. I have been in a supermarket once to complete a shop and a couple of times to collect something on behalf of pre-school. I have been to my local post office off and on to drop off pre-paid parcels. I have been non-grocery shopping once and only went in one specific shop. I have visited a coffee shop twice indoors but for take-away only. I have visited outdoor cafe's just three times and have visited drive thru' coffee shops perhaps four or five times. We have visited large DIY shops about four times. I have met only two friends, and just one time for each. We haven't been out for a meal anywhere and have had a take-away meal just three times. If I can recall all of this since March then I think that shows that we have been doing exactly what we have been told to do to the very best of our ability and where has that gotten us? Have we made any progress? I really don't know.

As far as I can tell we are now being told that if we don't do as we are told that things are going to be as bad as they were back in March. But is that right? Some would argue that is not the case while others would agree that it's getting bad again. Some would argue that a full lockdown for a few weeks would buy us the time to ease the pressure off the health service and come up with a better working test and trace system as our current one really is not working as promised. But others would argue that a lockdown only pauses things and that once lifted the numbers will rise again and that actually hospital admissions are no different to what you would expect to see at this time of year.

So where does that leave us, the general public? Who should we believe and what should we be doing? I think over the course of the next few days or weeks we will be moved from one set of guidelines to another which will only cause yet more confusion and annoyance. We want, we need, our lives back. We need to be living, to be enjoying, to be experiencing life rather than just going from one day to another not knowing when we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And because of all of the above I have decided to embrace Halloween this year and have made a start on decorating around the house. Now this won't be a big affair (unlike Christmas) but I just felt the need to say fuck it lets have a little fun. We don't tend to go overboard on Halloween here in the UK but I have a few bits and so will do my best to invoke a little Halloween fun.

To set the right tone the music had to be right!

Outdoor pumpkin lights

A few decorative pieces one of my friends way system must mean it's COVID safe!!
There has been more VR madness in the house tonight as Molly has had her turn and proven to be pretty good on the dance games! Me on the other hand has yet to have a go...I am sure I'll get some point...maybe!

Anyway, just take care out there, whatever you may be doing and wherever you may be. Wash you hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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