Monday, 12 October 2020

No Work Monday

Day 208...

So as usual today was my first non-working day of the week and first job was to fetch my 'click and collect' grocery shop. This is something that I have been doing for years...and years...and not a reaction to the current circumstances, however I am thankful that I can do my shopping this way. 

This does now mean that any little bits of extra shopping that I may have done during the know those 'Oh I just need...' and then you come out with everything but the thing you wanted...are now a thing of the past. And while I do sometimes miss the opportunity to pick something up on impulse it does mean that I have saved money on those 'extra' bits, saved money on petrol, saved my time and we have survived from one week to the next perfectly fine. Just goes to show that sometimes circumstances can have a unexpected positive impact, and one that I think I will carry on.

After sorting the shopping the rest of the day has been focused around a few more Ebay sales and photographing the remaining few bits that I want to try and sell. I say a few bits but we have three lots of tableware and more pieces of glassware than I care to mention, that all deserve a new home, and so it took me most of the day to figure out what we've got. Now I'll be able to start getting it listed over the next few days.

We were hoping to get out for a walk but the weather was not being kind today and most of the day was wet, so the only exercise I got was ironing!

Simon has been getting more of our home video from tape into a digital format; he has now worked through 2008 and 2009. This does mean that we have to sit and watch it all to make sure that the transition from one format to another has worked but that'll be a job for another day.

We have had new measures announced by our government today...I think...we now have tiers depending on which area you live in and how badly affected that area is. At the moment where I am isn't too bad and we are not affected by these new tiers that are being brought in, but we are close to a city that has seen it's rate rise high very quickly so who knows what the future holds.

The message today has been numbers are rising, rising quicker than we would like and we need to do something about it...again. I think the problem for a lot of people will be that we did something about it back in March and April and now all that feels like it was for nothing. Did we come out of lockdown too soon? Too quickly? I don't know and it would appear that the powers that be don't know either and that in the intervening time they haven't come up with a coherent plan or a proficient test and trace system.

So yet again it falls down to us, the average person in the street, to do our bit! I will carry on as I have been doing; washing my hands, keeping my distance, limiting where I go and who I see and wearing a mask when I need to.

Take care out there.

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