Saturday, 17 October 2020

Here's the Weekend

Day 213...

And welcome to the weekend and our first day in Tier 2 restrictions...lockdown or whatever we are calling it. But to be fair we just carried on as we have been doing because what we have been doing is what Tier 2 is all about anyway!

First job of the day was to meet one of my pre-school committee members at pre-school to take delivery of some special treats ready for our Halloween Fun Week next week. A couple of our committee have taken all the goodies donated to us from our local ASDA and made up some treat bags and sweet cups that we are going to sell next week to raise some extra pennies.

Once that was sorted we then had a little furniture delivery to make as one of the items from our other house that we had tried unsuccessfully to sell was actually needed by our new tenants, they had changed their mind about needing it so we popped by to drop it off. 

Then it was back home to stop for five minutes with a coffee sat outside in the garden. Not a bad day today, a little chilly but it was dry so we took advantage and enjoyed the time and the coffee. And while we were outside we decided to have a quick tidy in the garage so that we can now fit the car back in there as well as sweep up a bin full of leaves.

This afternoon was spent sorting out candles to go with some of the Halloween decorations that I got out yesterday, posting a few more items for sale on Ebay, another coffee sat outside and Simon was finally able to assemble the mouse droid he has been making. This did mean I had a droid moving around the house for most of the afternoon...but just a few more final tweaks and then it will all be done!

Love this decoration, the candle inside makes the ghost in the chimney spin around!
One advantage of today has been that we have kept away from the news and social media and it has been quite nice not to be bombarded with the latest figures and rules and to just 'have a day'. I look forward to when we can have more 'just days' and life can resume and be embraced once again.

But until then please take care, stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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