Friday, 2 October 2020

End of the Working Week

Day 198...

Last day of the working week and a pretty standard sort of day at work with not much to report other than the usual admin tasks.

Once home I embarked on taking more photos of items we need to dispose of by way of selling them. Items that I had put online yesterday had resulted in a sale this morning and by 9.30am they had been paid for and collected. Fingers crossed that this next lot will do the same.

We had the last couple of big bits of furniture collected and paid for this evening so we can now get our car back into the garage!

And that has really been today; not a very eventful one...well at least not for me. I guess listening to the news this morning that it may have been more eventful in the Trump household, as news of the president and his wife testing positive for covid-19 broke.

Now whilst I wouldn't wish harm (or worse) on anyone there is something about Trump contracting this horrid disease that feels like karma. I am no fan of his (that would be an understatement) and I think he has destroyed the standing of the US in the rest of the worlds eyes, he doesn't care about anyone other than himself and has caused way more harm than good. I cannot get my head around how anyone so obviously corrupt even managed to run for president let alone get elected. We can only hope that this election turns out the way we hope and that decency and normality can soon be resumed. It's going to be an interesting few days and weeks depending on how this affects his health.

So all we can do is look after ourselves; keep our distance, wash our hands and wear a mask.

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