Monday, 5 October 2020

Another Productive Day

Day 201...

Start of the week and our usual non-working Monday for both Simon and me. And our first job was off to collect the weekly grocery shopping.

When we arrived at the store there were two customers in front of us, neither of whom had used the system before so our good deed of the day was to provide some guidance for them.

Once home and all the shopping sorted and put away it was then time to deal with all the various messages I'd received in relation to selling a few bits and bobs online. By the end of the day one item had been paid for and collected, another has been paid for and is being collected tomorrow, another is collecting later tomorrow and then another couple of collections towards the end of the week.

I have also had a few more Ebay sales and so I can see tomorrow will see me packaging up and posting those out.

In amongst all the online selling malarkey I have managed to get all my ironing and laundry up straight, and dealt with a few more online queries as well as some research for the next few pieces that I want to put up for sale.

We did manage a coffee outside at one point just to have five minutes to stop, and although it was raining we stuck it out for as long as we could. We had a little chat with one of our neighbours who was desperate to tell us some good news but she said she wasn't allowed to say anything yet...but whatever it is she is very happy about it...why do people do that? Tempt you with some juicy information and then not tell you!!!

Simon has made more progress on his mouse droid project with more 3D parts printed as well as answering a couple of emails. As a 'veteran' of the computer games industry he often gets asked about working in the industry. By a chance conversation at the weekend he had received an email from a young lad wanting to know the best way to get into the industry and at the same time he had a written interview to respond to talking about his time working for a company called Core Design back in the early 1990's!

So another productive day with jobs getting done all round. And the main news of the day has been keeping up with the number of positive covid tests turning up at the White House along with the ineptitude in the UK of using out of date software (and not using it very well either) that resulted in case numbers being under recorded!

So while the powers that be seem to be struggling to get to grips with what's going on I guess all we can do is manage our own risk and look after ourselves the best we can. So keep your distance, wash your hands and wear a mask.

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