Thursday, 30 July 2020

Day 134

Day 134...

Well my first job of the day was to head off to the bank to do the job I'd tried to do yesterday. Wouldn't mind but it wasn't even banking for me, it was for pre-school! Although I really enjoyed the 10 minute queue out on the street - not!

On my way home I decided to stop by my dad's as I've not seen him for a few weeks. He's getting on fine and is back visiting the pub most days, although he said it is really quiet when he does go. He's also been able to get to the barbers but like us is not rushing to get back to the gym. For my dad and his friends that all go at the same time it's just not going to be the same as they now have to book their time and only stay for an hour. Previously they would have all turned up around the same time and hung about for as long as they felt like it. So the new rules I think just feel too restrictive for them...and never mind they will need to book in via an app which as my dad doesn't really use a mobile phone would be problematic for him.

By the time I got home it was time for Simon to break for lunch and so we had a lovely walk out in the glorious weather. Once home it was time for coffee followed by setting up ready for podcast recording.

It was lovely, as always, to spend an hour and a half chatting away with Michelle as we recorded this weeks Disney Dream Girls show as well as a special Patreon edition.

It was then time for another coffee sat out in the sun soaking up some more vitamin D before I headed inside to make a low carb banana bread. It uses ground almonds instead of flour and a sweetener instead of sugar. I've reduced the amount of sweetener used and added some more looks pretty decent, so let's hope it tastes good too!
Banana bread fresh out the oven 
So as we progress through the lockdown (or whatever it is we are in at the moment) and we see small rises across various locations within the UK and across Europe it is really hard to know what to make of it all. How concerned should we be? Are we taking enough precautions? Are we re-opening too much too soon? We all want to get back to living life but it feels like we are on a knifes edge between living life and exposing ourselves to an illness that we have no idea how it may affect us.

None of us know if we were to contract COVID just how badly we could be affected, or how we could be exposing those vulnerable people around us to a nasty, potentially deadly, virus. And yet all around I seem to see people getting back to life without seemingly a care in the world. Social media images of people out socialising without physical distancing and very evidently with people not from their household. Maybe I'm being overtly cautious but as far as I knew we were still supposed to be observing distancing with people not in our household or bubble and that while we are being encouraged to get back out and spend it should be done in a responsible manner with face masks, sanitiser and keeping away from each other.

I am quite happy at the moment to go about my life with as minimum contact with the outside world as possible. Queuing to get into shops is not my idea of fun, if I need to go out for something then I will do but I think going out for simply 'something to do' will still be a way off for me. And the quandary for me is that I want my life back to normal, I want to be out shopping, I want to enjoy meals out, I want to hang out with good friends and I want to be going to Disney but I also want to be healthy and those around me to be safe and healthy too. I hate this situation and I am so over it but there is nothing I can do and we can only hope that the powers that be have a plan of some sort to get us through this.

Take care out there, stay safe, keep your distance and wear a mask.

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