Thursday, 23 July 2020

Day 127

Day 127...

The day started with a couple of work emails followed by a little online Disney research ready for recording the Disney Dream Girls podcast later this morning.

My research was to find out about anything interesting 'on this day in Disney history' and I came across two ladies who both died on the same day, but in different years, but who had both been the voice of Minnie Mouse!

It was lovely to jump online with my co-host Michelle and spend about an hour and a half chatting all things Disney. We actually recorded our usual weekly show which is released on Sunday as well as a show for our Patreon subscribers.

Although we didn't have time to go out for a walk today Simon and I did find the time after my recording session to sit and enjoy a coffee in the sunshine for a few minutes, although I could have done without the couple of wasps who seemed to think I was a good target for their attention.

The afternoon was then spent dealing with a few work emails as well as sorting some home admin tasks along with ordering myself some official Disney face masks...although they won't be with me until September! But as it becomes compulsory to wear face masks in shops as from tomorrow I am happy to have a few more to choose from in the future.

Although the policy for wearing masks comes into being tomorrow our government only released the official guidance as to where masks must be worn late this afternoon. Nothing like being prepared! I have no problem wearing a mask and are happy that clearer guidance is being brought in, if wearing a mask means we can beat this thing then I am all up for doing my part. Although reading the guidance this evening I do wonder why wearing a mask isn't compulsory inside a cinema or theater or museum as these places can be just as busy if not busier than a supermarket and people are likely to spend longer in them as well! Oh well who knows what the thinking is behind it, all I know is that if I feel like wearing a mask is a good idea I will be wearing one and sod what anyone else thinks!

The latter part of the afternoon was taken up with completing a little more of my jigsaw and heading off down the 'gym'. It just started to rain as Simon and Molly headed out so it was a good job they only had as far as the garage to go! We have now cancelled our membership to the gym that we attend as we really don't feel comfortable returning when they re-open in a couple of days time plus we have managed just fine working out at home. We were lucky enough to be able to buy a couple of pieces of equipment along with a punching bag for Molly for her kickboxing and have been able to do everything we would normally have done at the gym. But with the added bonus of not having to drive there and back, not having to drive around looking for a parking spot and not struggling to find equipment free to use, our home gym is working out just fine. And we are saving ourselves money by not paying out for monthly subscriptions too.

Take care out there, whatever you are doing, and remember to wear a mask,

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