Monday, 20 July 2020

Day 124

Day 124...

So today started as a usual Monday morning with me and Molly heading off to our local supermarket to pick up our collect order. On the way home I had the very glamorous job of popping by pre-school to 'put the bin out' as well as dropping by our local chemist.

Once home it was unpack the shopping, wipe it all down, throw away as much packaging as possible and wash the fruit and veggies. Then it was time for a much needed coffee before deciding on a plan for the remainder of the day.

As the weather was pretty good we decided to carry on with a bit more gardening by getting rid of the water feature that I had managed to put my foot through yesterday. I have one sore leg with a couple of nice scratches and am waiting for the inevitable bruising to come out. Once we had moved all the stones out the way it was a case of emptying the water so that we could pull out the plastic liner which came away surprisingly easy, as well as pulling as much of the electric cable out as we could.

Once we had the liner out we then had to break it down so that we could get rid of it, this resulted in Molly taking a sledgehammer to it and pieces of dirt and plastic flying everywhere. A combination of sledgehammer and Japanese saw by Simon soon made short work of it and we had it in pieces and in the bin.

This left us with a hole to fill which we managed by smashing a couple of unwanted plant pots (again the sledgehammer was in use!) and then emptying some other pots of their soil and inadvertently discovering one infested with ants. There were ants, eggs and flying ants everywhere...although not for long after a couple of kettles of boiling water and a good covering of ant powder. Once the ants were dealt with we laid some membrane and popped the stones from the water feature on top, we now just need to find a suitable garden feature to live in this spot.

The rest of the afternoon saw me and Molly get the jet washer out again but this time it was to tackle both our of which we re-discovered is actually white in colour!!! Whilst we washed cars Simon was sanding wood as we have some reclaimed pieces that he is going to make into a storage unit for some of our cosplay items...well it's actually going to be a facade to go around our plastic storage box so that it looks more in keeping with our decor.

It was then time to get Molly to her kickboxing lesson which this week is still being held outdoors as her club is not yet allowed to hold lessons indoors until the end of the month.

Another busy and productive day that is now in need of me putting my feet up and enjoying a glass of red wine.

Stay safe out there, take care and wear a mask.

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