Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Day 112

Day 112...

Well today has been a combination of working from home and working from work!

The morning was spent at home and involved a little banking, a few emails and some tweaks to our website and Facebook page. As we are moving forward towards the new school year in September we need to get the word out that we have available places to fill. My staff have done an amazing job of setting up our playroom and taking lots of photos and video. I was then able to take the photos and video and upload them to our Facebook page, create some new web pages and then later add to our Twitter feed as well.

The afternoon saw me head into work to have a catch up with my deputy manager; we are now attempting to plan for September but each day we seem to get new information down from the government or our local council which then has a direct impact on what we would like to be doing. I have a virtual leaders and mangers meeting to attend next week and that will change the timings that I will be in work but might (or might not) provide us with more guidance for moving forward. But looking at what we would like to do we can already see there will be a knock-on effect on routines, timings and staff hours which we may not be able to resolve until much closer to the time.

As next week is our last week of term we are really missing our usual end of year activities; we would ordinarily host a leavers concert, hand out leavers gifts and have a 'party week' for the last week but this year is not an ordinary one! So because of all the restrictions we are faced with at the moment we had kind of resigned ourselves to not doing any of that this year but then we came up with a plan. This now means that we can invite all our leavers to say 'goodbye' but we will do it in very small groups, at set times and it will all happen outside in the fresh air and with full social distancing in place. It will not be like normal but at least we will get the chance to see all of our leavers before they head off to 'big school'; some of these children have been with us for almost 3 years and I can guarantee it will be an emotional week next week and tears will be shed!!

Once home it was shower, change and grab a coffee before sitting down at my laptop to carry on with more pre-school work including sending out invites to all our leavers to 'pop in' and see us next week. I think at some point this evening I stopped working...I think I did...I must have!!

No time for making progress on my jigsaw today but I have listened to the Hamilton album on repeat whenever I could!

And that was my day, just a short post today because it really has been a day fully taken up with work 'stuff'.

Take care out there,

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