Sunday, 19 July 2020

Day 123

Day 123...

A slow start to the day and first job was to update my online grocery shop as tomorrow is collect day. There was a slight halt in proceedings when the majority of the house lost it's wi-fi connection which resulted in much re-setting of sockets and routers...I decided the best thing I could do to help proceedings was to drink my coffee!

Once the wi-fi was fixed and online shopping completed we headed down to the house that had belonged to Simon's mum as we cleared out more stuff. Today we were able to fill a bin with stuff whilst also clearing cupboards of sheets, towels, curtains and blankets and boy was there a lot of stuff. 

This then resulted in a trip to our local re-cycling centre which involved about a 20 minute wait to get in. They are now operating on a system where you are only allowed to turn up on certain days in relation to your car number plate - odd number registrations can go on odd number days and even numbers on even number days. Plus the number of cars allowed to unload at any one time has reduced and the staff on site are no longer allowed to help but we were able to dispose of everything we needed to.

Once home it was time for a coffee before our next job which was jet washing our patio and garden path...a very wet and mucky job but one which was overdue so we decided to take advantage of the good weather and set to.

We did have a little break for what is now our regular Sunday afternoon Disney quiz hosted by the podcast I co-host, the Disney Dream Girls, and as always was a lovely way to spend 50 minutes.

Then it was back to a bit more jet washing to see if we could make any more improvements, which we did, but I think it may still need a few more attempts to get it to where we want it. But as it was getting late we decided it was time to pack away for the day and as I stepped to pick up some of the attachments for the jet washer I stood on some stones which I forgot covered a now defunct water feature...unfortunately said water feature was not in a good state of repair and I ended up putting my foot straight through the plastic top and into a 'pond' of cold stagnant water - yuck! Thankfully I didn't cause myself too much harm, just a few scratches!

After that it was time for a shower as I was covered in dirt, needed something to eat and a glass of much deserved red wine.

Take care out there, beware of hidden water features...stay safe and wear a mask.

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