Thursday, 2 July 2020

Day 106

Day 106...

OK so what has today been all about?

Well it was my first day this week in 'actual work' and despite the rain first thing, and a building that felt surprisingly cold for the beginning of July, we were able to get outside later on and the little bit of sun that was trying to get out from behind the clouds was surprisingly warm.

I made some more progress with getting things sorted for September, and the new school year, as well as sorting out some bits and pieces for our 'leavers'. Each year we would normally hold a 'Leavers Concert' and present our leavers with gifts but obviously this year that can't happen. So instead I have collated photos that Molly is going to put together as a 'Class of 2020' type photo. I have also taken our 'Leavers Poem' that we would usually hand out as a scroll and added photos ready for emailing to parents instead.

By the time I arrived home this afternoon the new coffee machine had been delivered and was in use. We had been visited by a local pest control company to sort out the wasps that have decided a good place for them to live is inside our brick work next to the Velux window in Molly's bedroom. We had also had our local dairy deliver our usual weekly order of milk and eggs with some added ice-cream as a special treat. And Molly was putting the finishing touches to this amazing cake...layers of chocolate cake and brownie with a Disney vibe, of course!
After getting home, getting changed and grabbing a coffee I then jumped online to chat with my good friend Michelle to record this week's show for our podcast the 'Disney Dream Girls'. This week we chatted about the character Alice in Wonderland and her presence in the parks.

Once Simon had finished work for the day we drove out to the nearest 'parcel drop' for the two parcels that had not been collected. Not only had they not been collected but now the labels had expired and new labels had to be purchased...thankfully I will be getting refunds of the original labels but this really was not the service I'd signed up to! The first drop-off point was a local supermarket that had a queue of about eight waiting to get into the store so we decided to drive on and go to a different location that was a smaller shop and thankfully with that one we could walk straight in and finally get these parcels on their way!

By the time we got home it was too late to do our planned 'gym' session so instead we cracked on with the evening of making dinner, writing this blog and Simon tinkering with some programming for his fibre optic lights for his R2D2 build. 

And that is where I will end it for today, take care out there,

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