Sunday, 26 July 2020

Day 130

Day 130...

A slow start to what turned out to be a rather busy and productive day.

While I completed our online grocery shopping ready to be collected tomorrow Simon headed out into the garden to finish the job we had started yesterday.

With a little help of borrowing some tools off one of our neighbours Simon was able to make short work of breaking down all the branches that we had removed from the massive and overgrown hydrangea bush yesterday. My job was to then chop them smaller so that we could dispose of them in our garden recycling bin while Simon attacked the stump that was left.

Well after a couple of coffee breaks and a lot of sweat and hard work Simon managed to get the stump out of the ground; which I don't think either of us thought would actually be possible. We now have a large stump and a pile of 'logs' still to get rid of...hopefully they can all be broken down further and put in our garden recycling bin once it has been emptied!

I also took on the challenge of breathing some new life into our patio furniture. The furniture still functions really well but was starting to show signs of wear and tear from being left out all year round in all weathers. So I set to with some sandpaper to rub back all the metal work and clear off all the rust and corrosion. Then after a wipe down it was time to apply some black metal paint and after one coat they are looking pretty decent. I've now left them overnight and will see if a second coat is needed tomorrow.

At 6pm we jumped online for the Disney Dream Girls weekly quiz via Zoom...and between me and Molly we actually did pretty well and equaled the top score of the week (not quite sure how that happened!). It was then lovely to have a bit of a catch-up and chat with Michelle afterwards.

And that was our day, very much a 'get stuff done day' today and making the best of a fairly decent weather day.

Whatever you are up to, take care, stay safe and wear a mask!!

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