Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Day 111

Day 111...

My first working day of the week and after a few emails and a little accounting it was mainly spent reviewing and amending all the various policies and procedures that we are required to have! I made pretty good progress though getting through about two thirds of them.

Despite the rain we decided at lunchtime to take a walk out...and when we started out it wasn't too bad...but two miles later and we arrived home a little wet through! Wet enough for a change of clothes...and my baseball cap is still drying out!

I took another look at my jigsaw this afternoon as last night after going through all the pieces I found two straight edge pieces but they hadn't resolved the issue of the uncompleted edge. So with a bit better light I moved around a couple of pieces and hey presto I have completed the outside edge...YAY!
Now for the rest of it...

And that has kind of been my day today, a pretty uneventful day supported by the music of Hamilton on constant loop...I am loving the soundtrack so much and can't wait till I have another two and a half hours to sit down and watch it again...and then maybe again! It is definitely on my list of things to go and see live.

I have been watching the social media as Walt Disney World gets ready for re-opening this weekend. There are some 'cast member preview days' happening which somehow means that various bloggers and podcasters seem to be able to get into the parks. It is going to be a very different experience once they open, some rides won't be operating in their usual way, there are plastic screens up everywhere, limited parades and shows and masks for all. All things to expect in the current circumstances but for me it just wouldn't entice me to visit at the moment. What is more worrying is the number of cases that are being recorded in Florida at the moment...I am a little dumbfounded as to how they are still planning on opening when so many cases are happening! I just hope everyone can enjoy themselves safely if they do choose to visit but for the moment I will get my Disney fix watching Disney + instead!

Whatever you are doing, stay safe and take care.

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