Friday, 24 July 2020

Day 128

Day 128...

It was a steady start to the day with a bit of tidying around before taking a few things into pre-school so that my kitchen is less cluttered with stuff that I don't need for the next few weeks.

I took the time today to add an extra page to this blog all about my tattoos. I often get asked about what I have, why I chose them and where I've had them done. Over the last few years I have written a handful of blog posts and decided to have one page that made reference to all of's the link to the page called, quite simply, Tattoos.

As lunchtime came around Simon and I took one of our now usual walks out; another couple of miles to add to our fact since our lockdown began we have walked 170 miles! Although we have not walked as much these last few weeks with me being back in work and the weekends having gotten a little busier as we focus on trying to get some jobs done.

After lunch I inadvertently ended up doing some pre-school work...I really hadn't intended to but as we have had interest from new parents I felt it only right that I respond to them as quickly as possible as I think it's the polite thing to do and I am a big believer in good customer service!  Which is probably why I am such a big Disney fan because they do seem to 'get it right' the majority of the time, and their attention to detail and customer experience is second to none.

I then felt very justified to sit outside on the patio with a coffee, some chocolate and a book! Today I received my Chocolate Tasting Club subscription which is part of Hotel Chocolat and this month rather than getting my usual chocolate selection box they instead sent a mixture of high cocoa products. 
Looking forward to enjoying this lot!
The knock-on effect of the coronavirus situation has affected their ability to produce chocolate at the same speed at which they used to and so this has brought forward their review of how the chocolate tasting club is going to operate. I have had a subscription for a fair few years now and currently have a box of high cocoa content chocolates once every 12 weeks so it will be interesting to see what's available when their new service launches in August. I have of course signed up for it today...especially as they were offering a £5 voucher for doing so.

So while I soaked up some vitamin D I was able to finish reading The P:E Diet by Ted Naiman; I'd started this a while ago but had never finished the last couple of chapters all about exercise but happy to report all has now been read.

I was just about to enjoy another cup of coffee when Molly came outside to join me and as we were chatting Molly noticed that some ants had appeared...flying ants! Well within minutes we seemed to be inundated with them, we found at least six locations in the garden that seemed to be swarming in them. So on with the kettle and the tried and trusted way of dealing with the unwanted guests...boiling them alive!! 

I decided at that point that the better option was to be indoor and to get a little more progress made with my jigsaw...and progress is being made...slowly...and I am coming to the conclusion that I may need a magnifying glass to compare the picture on the box to the jigsaw itself!!

So today was the day that masks became compulsory in shops in England, sensibly Scotland have had this in place since they re-opened shops and I personally think that's what England should have done too. There is an argument that making masks compulsory now is a little late but I think you have to think of it as a proactive approach going forward in that it could help prevent or at least reduce a second spike as we move into the Autumn period.

I have happily worn a mask whenever I have ventured out into shops and it is something that would make me feel more confident to shop again if everyone followed the rules. But there are always going to be those that don't, or won't, and personally I think that is rather selfish of them. Yes I know there maybe those that are exempt for medical reasons, but for those that aren't just wear a mask. If nurses and doctors can wear them for 12 hours non-stop then 30 minutes walking round a supermarket is not that much to ask and besides I'd rather wear a mask than have a ventilation tube stuck down my throat!

So I think we all just need to man up, put on our big girl panties and wear a f**king mask - it is really that straight forward. If you want to get back to doing anything vaguely like normal then get a mask. I have ordered myself some official Disney ones and one of my Disney friends, Angie, very kindly made me the masks that I currently wear. I have also bought packets of the disposable ones so that we are never caught without a clean one to use. They are not that expensive and a few pennies spent could help save yours or someone else's life. I just wish the big fashion brands, outlets and celebrities would get out there and embrace this more and get selling their own masks. If the dairy that delivers to me can produce and sell their own masks (and very cute they are too) then surely to goodness this is an opportunity for 'insert name of fashion label' to be making a killing! Perhaps they are...perhaps I just haven't looked hard enough but really this seems like an opportunity not to be missed. Just think of all the coordination between outfit and mask that could be happening!

Well I think it's only right that I sign off for today...stay safe out there, take care and wear a mask...please!

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