Monday, 6 July 2020

Day 110

Day 110...

Welcome to Monday and my non-working day of the working week!

Well last night we sat and watched Hamilton courtesy of Disney + and wow I am in love with it and want to watch it again and again until I can see it in person. I will admit that initially everything is coming at you so thick and fast and it can feel a little overwhelming but at some point I think your brain just accepts the pace and settles in to enjoy it.

I would recommend for us Brits a little google beforehand as that may help a little with the story arc as I am not as familiar with the founding fathers of the US as perhaps I should be! All I know is that we really enjoyed it, we have spoke about it on and off all day today and the album has been on repeat via Spotify. 

First job of the day was to fetch my weekly grocery shop and this week I had Simon helping me for a change. But as what now seems to be the norm we turned up at the lockers and Marky Mark spotted us and before we'd even got out the car the shopping was there waiting for us. So it was load the car, head home, unpack the car, wipe everything down, wash veggies & fruit, throw away packaging and put everything away - phew!

Must admit the traffic did feel busier again this week, although still nothing like 'old skool' Monday mornings. One thing we did notice was that the various barbers and hairdressers we passed that traditionally do not open on Mondays were all open. The barbers seemed to be adopting a 'walk-in' approach which meant a queue about 5 or so deep at just gone 9am. Glad I have an appointment booked in as I wouldn't want to be standing on the street waiting to get in, thankfully the weather was being kind today!

The majority of the day was then taken up with a spot of gardening. Now gardening is not one of our strong points so we just try to keep everything as low maintenance as possible but a few wet days and warm weather had caused the weeds to start appearing so we decided to have a good tidy around. Which resulted in our courtyard area being cleared of all the moss that had gathered in the block paving and took us a good chunk of the day, but very satisfying to see it all clear.

It was nice to then stop late afternoon and enjoy the sunshine with a coffee on the now clean and tidy patio! And then I attempted to make some more progress with my jigsaw...which I have done...I think...
Oops think I've gone wrong somewhere! as you can see all straight edge pieces have been used but they do not join I have either joined some together wrong or I have not sorted out all the straight edge pieces - argh!

So my next job is to go through this lot as I out-sorted all the pieces with brown/gold in them so I am hoping that I missed some straight edged pieces!!
Lots of pieces with brown/gold like the straight edge pieces
And that was today!

Take care out there, stay safe.

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