Saturday, 18 July 2020

Day 122

Day 122...

First day of my summer break and it's the weekend!

First order of the day, once up dressed, fed and filled with coffee, was to get Molly to her guitar lesson. This is the second week of her being back to guitar lessons in person. Her music school have staggered lesson times, only allowing pupils inside the building without parents, hand sanitiser when entering the building, all physically distanced and masks can be worn if preferred.

While Molly rocked out (she's learning electric guitar so this is an accurate description) we decided to go for a walk. Now it's not the most glamorous of walks as the music school is located on a business park but we had a wander and managed a couple of miles in 42 minutes. Ordinarily when Molly has her lesson we will drive over to a coffee shop and partake of a coffee inside but at the moment they are only offering drive thru', which is great but having got out the habit of going for a coffee it really didn't cross our minds to go. Instead we had a walk, chatted and when we got back to the car we had a coffee waiting for us as I had made a coffee before we left home in my Zojirushi - an amazing drink container that keeps drinks hot all day!! I use this at work and it's brilliant! So not only did we get some exercise we also saved ourselves a few pennies as well.

Where we walked it is mainly offices, a couple of pubs and restaurants and lots of car showrooms. It was interesting to see the differences between the different car showrooms. The first one we saw both the staff and customers wearing face masks (although one of the customers had the mask under his nose!!). The next seemed to have no precautions in place, no masks for staff and no customers wearing them. The last one we walked by we could see that no-one was wearing masks but there were perspex screens at the sales desk between salesperson and customers which was at least something. I really don't know why masks haven't been made a compulsory thing yet as this would mean we could all get back to normal much more quickly.

There was an interesting article we saw today from the US where a couple of hairdressers had tested positive for COVID but had been working asymptomatically and they have estimated that they had been in contact with 139 people while infected but because they and their customers had all worn masks no-one else was infected. So masks do work...surely a little inconvenience would be worth it to knock this thing on its head?!

Well the rest of my afternoon was very exciting...not...the downside of not keeping on top of my ironing pile meant two hours spent getting through everything - whoop! I then felt very justified spending about an hour messing about with my latest jigsaw.

Simon has spent the afternoon backing up photos from his phone, playing around with sound effects for his R2D2 build and rescuing his 3D printer. The printer had failed a couple of times this past week and he thought he had repaired it but each time it failed again so one last attempt after ordering a new part last night which turned up today and hey presto he has a working printer once again.

I think we are now ready to put our feet up, so armed with a glass of red wine and some good quality high cocoa chocolate I think it's time to catch up with RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 5.

Take care out there and please wear a mask for your sake and everyone else's.

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