Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Day 118

Day 118...

So my first official work day of the week and the majority of it was working from home. A few emails to send and reply to as well as finishing off my review of all our policies and procedures.

We took a walk out at lunchtime for the first time in a few days; we managed just under 2 miles in about 40 minutes. Simon had inadvertently pulled his back last night...the classic bending over and then twisting...thankfully he woke up this morning and it didn't seem too bad and so a walk today was welcomed as a way to loosen it up and get some flexibility back into it.

After a little more work I made my way into pre-school to be part of our second gathering of the week to say goodbye to our school leavers. Chance to see children we have not seen for almost four months and mark the end of their time at pre-school with a little gift and some sweets. 

Once home and showered and changed I had a few more emails to send and respond to before taking a few minutes out to make some more progress on my current jigsaw. And while I did that Simon and Molly went 'down the gym', and despite hurting his back Simon was able to do a good chunk of what he would normally have done.

Today our government have announced that face masks will be compulsory in shops from 24th July. Now I don't have a problem with this as I have worn a mask whenever I have had to pop into a shop but I can understand that this action feels a little bit late being implemented and also a little contradictory when there are still indoor places where masks are not needed.

But I think if we can all do just a little bit that can help curtail this virus and enable us to get back to doing more 'normal' things then wearing a mask is a minor inconvenience.

And while life starts to evolve into the 'new normal' it can still feel strange and for me very overwhelming; the thought that pre-virus life could be a long way off, that being able to do the things I want and go where I want may be years away from happening is, to be frank, depressing. I have days when the motivation is hard to find, when I feel angry at the situation and sad that life seems to have run into a big red stop sign. But all I can do is put on my big girl pants and face the world and try my best to get through it, to find moments to enjoy and learn to recognise that life is not all about 'things' and 'places' but those that you hold dear and the time you share.

So stay safe, take care and just wear a mask!

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