Monday, 13 July 2020

Day 117

Day 117...

Welcome to another Monday and as is the now normal routine it was up and out to collect our weekly grocery shop, and yet again we had Marky Mark on hand to bring us our shopping without even having to ask or wait.

It was then home to unpack the shopping, wipe it all down, wash all the fruit and veggies, get rid of any packaging and put it all away.

Our next job was to head down to Simon's late mum's house armed with a sledgehammer and hacksaws to see if we could remove the concrete post that had stopped us yesterday. Well the combined strengths of Simon and Molly resulted in one concrete post removed by sawing through the steel supports and the concrete base being broken down by Molly and a sledgehammer! We were then able to pull out a couple more unwanted plants before laying some more weed control membrane. Whilst there is still more work to be done to get it completed we must be about two thirds complete.

And then on the way home we did something that we haven't actually done since the beginning of lockdown...we visited a petrol station and put petrol in the car!!! Although we have been using the car during lockdown it has been so minimal and it's only been these last few weeks that the mileage has crept up.

Once home we had a quick turnaround before playing taxi service for Molly; it was one of her friends birthdays and they were having a socially distanced get together to mark the occasion.

While Molly hung out with her friends I made a short visit into pre-school to see some of our school leavers for one last time. We have invited small groups to visit at set times over the next few days so that we can get chance to say goodbye. Each group is meeting outside and keeping to all social distancing requirements and we are able to give them a few gifts to mark the end of their time with us at pre-school.

I was able to get home, have a shower and get changed before jumping back in the car to go and fetch Molly from her friends, to then get home so she could change ready for her kickboxing lesson which today was the first time in person since lockdown began. She has been surviving with lessons via Zoom but now her teacher has managed to convert a small outdoor area into a suitable space for hosting lessons...thankfully despite lots of grey clouds it did not rain!

Another busy day and one where we commented that today was probably the most driving we have done since lockdown kicked in and actually we haven't missed it. It has been quite nice these last few months not to be dashing all over the place. There were times today where I felt like I'd spent more time in my car than actually 'doing something'. Perhaps this is something we should take forward with us to stop dashing about, to take the time to enjoy life and those you have chosen to spend it with and using a car less surely has to be a good thing!

Take care out there, stay safe and wear a mask.

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