Friday, 10 July 2020

Day 114

Day 114...

Well we have reached another Friday and another day in work for me. A fairly quiet day with a little more prep work for September as well as a little organising ahead of our last week of term next week. 

We are inviting all our school leavers in to visit next week; all organised at set times, held outdoors and observing social distancing at all times and so we have a few gifts that we are organising ready for them. We would normally be holding a leavers concert which would have been preceded by a couple of weeks of rehearsals but obviously this year that couldn't happen. But we can still give each of our leavers a book, some sweets, our leavers poem and this year we have managed to create a 'Class of 2020' photo. Thanks to the help of parents supplying individual photos and then Molly's creative talents to put them all together as sort of a mini year book collage!

Once home I had a very lazy hour or so. I was going to do some podcast recording with Michelle but she is still feeling a bit poorly so we have decided to try and record tomorrow instead. So I grabbed a coffee and sat outside on the patio and perused my latest cook book, 'The Reverse Your Diabetes Cookbook'. 
Now I am not diabetic but this book promotes low carb eating as a way to improve, and even reverse, diabetes and as a low carb advocate I picked this book up to find some new recipes and I was particularly drawn to the cakes and desserts section. So much so that after a little time spent on my jigsaw I decided to have a go at making an apple & carrot cake; no flour or sugar but instead using ground almonds and dates. It is still cooling as I type so I will find out later what the end result is like...but it looks okay!
And that has been my day, and now the weekend starts...whatever you decide to do this weekend please take care, wear a mask and stay safe!

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