Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Day 133

Day 133...

I decided this morning to get some personal admin tasks completed...exciting things like taxing my car and renewing the car insurance! 

Having decided that it is financially better for us to keep both cars for the time being I thought it best to make sure mine was taxed and insured. The insurance proved a little tricky as I was trying to update it online and first their servers were down and then when I did get through their virtual assistant to 'chat' with a customer service person apparently they were all 'offline'...hmm...that'll be another job to try again tomorrow.

A few other bits of paperwork got sorted before I took on the ever so exciting challenge of the ironing pile!

We did manage our usual couple of miles walk around lunchtime and for the first time today we spotted some deer in one of the fields. This was on a route we walk pretty regular and since we started these walks at the beginning of lockdown we have never seen deer before. It never even entered my mind that there could be deer living in the countryside around us. We saw three at the opposite edge of the field we were walking through and we watched them for a few minutes before they wandered off into the hedgerow, unfortunately they were quite a distance from us so we couldn't really get any decent photographs.

This afternoon I decided to nip out to run a couple of errands. One was to drop a poster for my pre-school at a local supermarket who have very kindly said they'll display it on their community board and then the other was to go to the bank. So off I went armed with mask and hand sanitiser. 

I have not done much actual shopping in person so this was the first time that I've really ventured out and about. So with my mask on I first ventured into the supermarket and was happy to see that all the shoppers I saw were wearing masks and even some of the staff were, the girls on the customer services desk in particular.

I then made my way into the town centre and noticed that most people when out and about were not wearing a mask...I kept mine on as I knew I would need it for going into the bank. I know that if you start moving your mask about or taking it off and putting it back on again that you risk contaminating your hands and face and really once on it should stay on unless you are throwing it away or putting on a fresh one. It was great to see that everyone using public transport had their masks on although one of the bus drivers was adopting the 'just below the nose' position - really?!

I came across a sign that said 'One Way Footpath'...although it had no arrows to indicate which way was the one way so I can only assume that because I could read the sign then that was the 'one way'...but looking at the various people walking about it seemed to be a bit of a free for all. And then I got to the bank...the closed bank - doh! Now I don't use a bank very often as I tend to do everything online so it never occurred to me that opening hours might be affected by the current situation, especially as we have moved on somewhat to when we were first put into lockdown. I will confess to letting out a little expletive at my discovery...oh well that'll be a job for tomorrow then. I have now checked the opening hours and will make sure I get there in time tomorrow.

Once home it was time to get my 'scruffs' on and head outside to finish sanding down the bench that I had started yesterday. It probably took me a good couple of hours but it is all now done and ready for painting which I should hopefully be able to get done over the next couple of days.

While Simon and Molly went 'down the gym' I jumped in the shower as I was covered in dust and figured the amount of squatting I'd done to get into the right position for sanding was my workout for the day. I then made a coffee and spent a little time on my jigsaw, which is getting there slowly.

And that was my 133 since 'lockdown' for me began and while we are now working our way out of lockdown I think I will carry on counting the days as 'normal' still feels a long way off. Talks of second spikes across Europe and the US still struggling to get a hold of the virus, I fear we will be living with this for a lot longer than any of us dared to think.

Stay safe whatever you are doing and remember to wear a mask...please.

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