Thursday, 16 July 2020

Day 120

Day 120...

And my first official working in actual work day of the week...although I have already been inside the building every day so far this week!

Today was the penultimate day of our academic year and I arrived to find a few gifts left on my desk from children who are leaving us for 'big school'. It always surprises me how generous our parents can be and we genuinely do not expect anything but whatever we do receive is accepted with great thanks and appreciation. And not only do the children know me well but so do the parents as I came home today with a gorgeous Mickey Mouse mug!!

Work was focused around getting some odds and ends tied up before the end of the year, some more preparation work for September as following an email from my county council I have more critical dates to factor in for next year and then just the usual day-to-day administration tasks.

Once home it was shower and get changed before updating a few more work records and then setting about some of my own personal admin! The gym that we are members of have announced they are opening in just over a weeks time and have provided all the information that we need to know for their re-opening. But at the moment we don't really feel comfortable heading back into a sweaty, crowded gym plus we will now have to book an hours slot, via their app, plus we will have to arrive in our workout gear so no changing facilities, a one way system to follow and no spotting when doing free weights. Just doesn't feel a fun way to attend. Normally it would be me, Simon and Molly all going together and we wondered whether we would all be able to get a slot booked together at the same time, which if we couldn't would be pretty useless as far as we are concerned. So after some thought...okay not that much thought...we have decided to cancel our membership and will sort a new membership out as and when we are ready to get back to a gym and at that point we will decide whether this gym is still right for us or not. At the moment the set up we have in our garage is working for us just fine...easy to get issues parking...never crowded and it's free!!

My next job was to look at the finance we have for our two cars...we have been saying for a while now that we really don't need a car each and going through the lockdown has just confirmed this even more. Simon already worked from home before lockdown kicked in but as the rest of his team have had to adopt working from home they have all commented on how successful it's been. Ordinarily Simon would travel 180 miles to his 'office' every few weeks to 'check-in' but this now looks less likely to be happening and in the future if he does need to do this we will coordinate it with my working from home days. I, too, have found working from home enables me to get so much more work done in the same number of hours that I would spend physically in work.

It's a positive to take out of these past few months that circumstances that we have been forced to adopt have, for some of us, become changes that will stay with us and that we feel have enhanced our lives. I know that the simple of act of going for a walk or taking the time to stop and mess about with a jigsaw puzzle can be vital parts of an otherwise busy life that all too often goes hurtling by at break neck speed and can be taken up with 'stuff' that in the grand scheme of things is actually not that critical!

And actually I did manage to squeeze in some time on my latest jigsaw this evening!

Take care out there, stay safe and wear a mask,

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