Saturday, 4 July 2020

Day 108

Day 108...

Here we are at the weekend and with no alarm set I woke up relatively late for me for the first time in ages, and it felt like I'd had a pretty decent nights sleep as well.

So with a very relaxed start to the day we had breakfast and simply pottered about sorting some household chores. 

Simon has, during the day, been tinkering with the electronics part of his R2D2 build as he is now fashioning the 'twinkly' lights. All I know is that this involves LED's, fibre optics, cables, Arduinos and a laptop as he is programming the lights to do different things.

He is loving the challenge of learning something new, testing his programming muscles and creating something as accurate to the original movies as he can. It has been great to see a collaborative effort at times when his programming knowledge is not quite where he would like it to be so he has called upon Ethan to work it out together. The one downside (apart from a section of my kitchen being overtaken) is that every now and then I get asked to look what the lights are doing and because they are so bright I end up with dots in front of my eyes!

We took a little time out today to do a bit more sorting out at Simon's late mum's house as we had furniture to rearrange as well as try to get a little more clearing out completed. We also had some correspondence to sort which took a chunk of my time this afternoon.

So as today was the 4th July I thought I would share some of Simon's artwork with the followers on our Disney Dream Girls Facebook page in order to recognise Independence day. This was just one image that Simon drew as part of his 365 Mickey's project which ran from November 2010 for a whole year. A Mickey a day for a whole year with the subject matter chosen by yours truly.
Stack of 365 Mickey's!
Simon's take on Independence Day, drawn on 4th July 2011 
I then made a point of stopping, and while the daylight was still good, attempted a little more of my current jigsaw...still battling with the straight edge but a few more pieces got joined together!

And today's treat was dinner made by Simon...keto pizza...this is one he discovered a while ago so this has now become something that he makes which means I get a night off from cooking!
Pizza making in progress
So as the pubs, restaurants and hairdressers opened up we have had a pretty regular sort of day. It has been great to see businesses opening and being socially responsible I just hope that all businesses follow this lead and that the public behave themselves and obey the recommendations, but as I've said before only time will tell!

If you are out and about please do so responsibly and take care for all of our sakes.

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