Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Day 126

Day 126...

Well today I was determined to not spend too much of the day doing pre-school work...but...

All the tablets that we use needed software updates and their storage cleaning up and as these hadn't been used since March there was quite a lot of updates to go through! I then had a mixture of phone calls from new parents looking for places for their children as well as emails from current parents requesting changes to their children's sessions. 

Before I knew it lunchtime had come around and it was time for Simon and I to have our daily walk. Timing was perfect as I had information to post out for the new parent enquiries so we took a slightly different route to ensure we walked past the post box. We managed 1.8 miles in about 38 minutes and despite a few spots of rain when we started out it stayed dry and surprisingly warm.

I also spent sometime organising another shop with an online butchers. We have found a very reasonably priced one based in Scotland and have been very impressed with the quality and they now have a much quicker delivery turnaround. So coming next week will be burgers, sausage, mince, steak, bacon and chicken - anyone would think we are a bit of a carnivore family!

Then I made some golden sesame keto bread just because I can and because it is so yummy...I also came across a recipe for low carb peanut butter cookies which I thought Simon might like as he is a big peanut butter fan.

Having cleaned the outside of both our cars at the weekend I decided that the inside really ought to be brought up to par so spent an hour or so armed with glass cleaner, cleaning wipes and a hoover. Both cars now look too good to drive, although as we are thinking about going down to a one car family it won't hurt to have them looking their best.

By the time I had finished it was time to take Molly over to her outdoor karate lesson which was a bit shorter than normal so I parked up, did a little reading and some internet searching until she was finished. When we returned home I could smell baking...Simon had found the cookie recipe and made peanut butter cookies, and very nice they are too even though peanut butter is not my thing usually.

But before eating cookes we had dinner of steak and eggs - yum! The advantage of following a low carb/keto diet means we don't have to bother with the bland, beige carbs of potato or pasta or rice but can just enjoy the best parts of a meal!

I seemed to have avoided the news for the last few days, I am aware of what is going on but I think part of me is trying to avoid it on purpose because it can be just too depressing and frustrating. Listening to what is happening in the US with the rising number of cases and deaths and never mind their idiot of a president really makes me feel for all my American friends. The lack of leadership and his apparent lack of compassion is just astounding, and don't get me started on his approach to law and order or his take on postal voting for the election. I just hope he is not voted in again and has the good grace to stand down but I fear that there could be strange times ahead. And don't get me started on our lot...signing trade agreements that put the future of our amazing NHS in jeopardy, brexit plans that no-one really understands and the handling of the virus that just leaves more questions than answers.

Right...moan over...where's my glass of red wine?

Take care, stay safe, look after yourself and wear a mask.

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