Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Day 119

Day 119...

So another work day that was split between working from home and actually going into work.

The morning was spent in work catching up with my Deputy Manager as we completed some more planning for the upcoming new school year starting in September. We have planned all our usual activities for the year ahead including all our fundraisers and concerts and parties although at this moment in time we don't know which, if any of these, will actually happen...circumstances depending.

We only have a couple of more days to go before we finish for the Summer break and these last few weeks that we have been open have been a peculiar few weeks. To return to work after 12 weeks away was strange in itself but then to return with restrictions as to how we could operate and knowing that the virus was still out there made it even more peculiar. The staff that have returned have been great, they have taken everything in their stride, adapted to new routines and done it all with a smile. As their manager, and their friend, I am extremely thankful for their fortitude throughout these last few weeks so I wanted to show my appreciation with some treats...hoping they like the macarons and tipples!!

The afternoon was spent working from home which mainly involved 'attending' a virtual meeting hosted by our local county council for 'leaders and managers' in the early years sector. I had no problem having this meeting online and while it is always nice to see people in person for me it meant I could join in from the comfort of home, I had decent coffee on tap, there was no driving to a remote location with lukewarm coffee, no rush hour traffic and I was home in the blink of an eye! It was quite funny hearing people logging on and struggling with the system and not knowing how to mute their audio or video. The meeting itself was very straight forward and unfortunately didn't tell me anything I didn't already know...I don't always give myself enough credit for keeping on top of current information or being able to find out information for myself. So at least I wasn't stuck in room somewhere having to endure an hour and 15 minutes of a presentation that felt like a waste of time, at least today I could listen in and then get on with other things!!

Molly had her second kickboxing lesson back in class tonight although it was held outside as they have to wait until the end of the month before they can go back to holding lessons inside, but with restrictions of course.

And before I knew it that was the day over and done of those days where I seemed to have just moved from one thing to another and not really stopped at any point. Must be time for a glass of red wine and to put my feet up!

Take care out there, stay safe and wear a mask!

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