Friday, 1 May 2020

Day 44

Day 44...

Last day of the working week and we were actually up and about pretty early today which turned out to be a good thing as Simon sold another Mandalorian helmet! So first job of the morning was packing and posting it out to the US.

Next job was the online grocery shop as tomorrow is pick up day! Which took me way longer than I would have liked; time spent finding alternatives to unavailable items and noticing a fair few items with price changes and not in the direction I would have preferred!

There was also a little more online birthday shopping followed by trying to track down icing sugar of all things. Molly's birthday is in about 10 days or so and she has plans to bake her own birthday cake which needs icing sugar to make the required buttercream. Now I do enjoy baking and I think Molly has picked this up from me, although she's a lot more adventurous than I am, but being a low carb house it's not something we do that often and consequently I don't tend to keep baking items in the cupboard. So as there was no icing sugar available via the online grocery shop my next option was Amazon (of course) which would be great if I wanted to buy in bulk or wanted a flavoured icing sugar (which I didn't even know existed) but that won't be delivered until Molly's actual birthday (at the earliest)...wonder if I could wrap it as a present for her!!

Lunchtime saw our usual 2 mile walk despite the grey clouds and a few spots of rain as we returned home we still managed a good pace. Thankfully the rest of the afternoon brightened up and ended with a bright and sunny evening.

This afternoon I spent a lovely hour or so chatting with my friend Michelle and recording a new podcast episode with her. It was lovely to chat away and hear how well she is doing with this horrid virus; she sounded so much better than when we last spoke and although it has really taken it out of her she is getting there. She has another test tomorrow to determine whether she is now negative...fingers crossed for her.

Knowing someone who has been diagnosed with this awful virus really helps to confirm that this is a disease that we need to stop and that the only way we can do this is to keep this lockdown going for as long as we need to. I really think an approach of 'slow and steady' wins the race is needed; there is no point in jumping back into normal life too soon only to have to go back into lockdown later on. Let's get this thing sorted now; let's adopt an attitude of a bit of inconvenience now is going to save us all so much in the future. And while we all do that can the government please get themselves organised with testing, PPE, research into treatments and vaccine and formatting a plan out of this..Oh and please make sure our NHS staff get the rewards they deserve? Don't think that's too much to ask?!


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