Saturday, 9 May 2020

Day 52

Day 52...

Well today has been another quiet day with really not very much happening.

Simon has devoted the day to getting a rather complex retro game inspired art commission piece completed. It's an involved piece involving around 20 or more old arcade games depicting their arcade cabinets as well as the characters from the games.

I have been doing some drawing myself...can't reveal what just yet as it's a bit of a secret that will get revealed next week...don't get too excited though it's just me trying to get crafty! It's also been a bit of a warm-up as tomorrow we have another online Dr Sketchy's event to join in with.

Me and Molly spruced up the patio area a little. We moved a set of solar lights from the bottom of the garden that we don't really get to see into the patio area. We also dug out some of Molly's 18th birthday party decorations from last year, the theme had a tiki/luau kind of vibe so we have dressed up the patio accordingly...thought we might as well make use of them and brighten things up!
Lights in their new position

Tiki Bar is open!
Mason jar, originally decorated for Halloween but should look good with a candle in
And that was today...I have tried to stay away from news and social media today as I am fed up hearing about people gathering together whether to celebrate VE day yesterday or flocking to parks and beaches today because the weather is nice. I know getting good weather in the UK is not the norm (by the way the forecast for tomorrow is back to rain, grey and cold) but you can enjoy it at home or by going out for a walk, it is not a green light to go off gathering en masse. It really defies me how people can just throw out the last 7 weeks of lockdown; let's see if we get a spike in cases in a couple of weeks time!

We all want out, but I'd rather it be when it's safe to do so.
Stay home, stay safe.

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