Monday, 11 May 2020

Day 54

Day 54...

So Monday has rolled around again and actually for Simon and I Monday is the day that we are not contracted to work which means that the only person 'going to work' in this house today was Ethan.

But me and Molls had jobs to do; the first being the weekly grocery shop. Down to our local supermarket of choice to collect my online order and once again we were met by the lovely Marky Mark who was having to 'man' the lockers as they had 'gone down'! Back home, anti-bac everything down, get rid of as much packaging as possible before putting it all away; we are now quite skilled at this routine!

Next job was to assist Molly with the baking of her birthday cake (big day is tomorrow) so although we are a keto/low carb house we do make allowances for special occasions and each year Molly loves to make her own cake. This year she has made a lemon & poppy seed cake as well as a cappuccino cake. As I type the cakes have cooled and are awaiting the application of buttercream!!

Simon has cast a resin helmet in his brand new mold and we now have to wait 24 hours for it to 'set' before we can de-mold tomorrow and see how the new castings will look. I think Simon will be making a few casts while he has some time so that he can have an odd few held as stock.

We had a walk out just after lunch and stuck to one of our usual routes and it was rather chilly and a tad windy at times. We did see a few people out and about and most observed the social distancing guidelines although we did pass a group of four men who obviously don't know what 2 metres looks like and nor did they look like they came from the same household...

I have done a little pre-school work as the day has gone on, just keeping my eye on email in case any information came through about the expectations on early years after the government announcement yesterday evening and the subsequent briefings today. And although emails have been received they all basically say 'we are awaiting further information'! There is a definite feeling of left hand not knowing what right hand is doing. All I can do is wait and see what we get told before I can begin to figure out how it affects my pre-school. I just hope to goodness that the government have got things right because I do not want to be re-opening and putting anyone - me, staff, children, parents and all our families at any risk whatsoever!

And so today the government has attempted to explain what they were talking about last night and I'm really not sure whether I'm any clearer or in fact whether they understand what they are talking about. The reaction on social media has, in typical British humour, made us laugh out loud quite a few times today but it's sad that that has been the reaction. As a public we should be confident in what we are being told; it should be clear and concise without any room for interpretation; it should be comforting and reassuring; we should feel that our jobs are protected and that no-one is going to be forced to work against their will; there should be clear boundaries for where we can go, with whom, how often and whether we can see any of our loved ones we may not have seen for weeks. But all of these statements are still left unclear and let's be honest a little confusing - so I can go to work and mix with my work colleagues (and in my case young children) but I can't get that close to my dad or my brother?!!

So for the time being I'm staying home, I will go out and exercise close to home and perhaps see my dad through his living room window. I will start planning for a possible return to work but to be honest I do wonder whether the dates that are being talked about now will actually come to fruition and in what form, but only time will tell.

Stay home, take care

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