Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Day 70

Day 70...

OK so 10 weeks of lockdown now!

I have been in a very fortunate position during lockdown to be able to work from home, to have Simon and Ethan work from home as well. We have relied heavily on online shopping and avoided going anywhere we didn't need to be going.

We live extremely close to the countryside so getting out for exercise has never been a problem and we have enjoyed getting out most days. We have in fact lived a very closeted life, keeping safe and trying to make the best of the situation.

It has made me realise that I am quite happy being a 'home bird' and while I have missed seeing friends and going places I have been able to keep in touch and feel connected. But it also means that the thought of coming out of lockdown is, for me, a daunting one. We still have hundreds of people dying every day and we have the highest death rate per capita than anywhere else but it's suddenly alright to start and venture out...

After 10 weeks of being told 'stay home', don't go anywhere you don't have to and weeks prior to that hearing all the horror stories coming from countries like Italy and wondering why we weren't reacting over here, it is difficult to comprehend the logic at times. I know there are differing opinions as to the best way to react to this pandemic but I can only deal with the information that is being fed to us via mainstream media which all the time has been downright scary. So being told we can start doing things again while 'staying alert' (again what does that mean?!), but keeping to social distancing and remembering to wash our hands often and not touch our faces and that perhaps wearing a face mask might be a good idea...Oh but we can't go visit relatives and give them a all a little concerning! Do I feel comfortable getting back into the outside world? I don't think I do!

So as far as I understand it next week I can go visit a car showroom and test drive a car but I can't go see my dad in his own home and give him a hug...feels like the priorities are all out of whack. The cynic in me says this is all about money and not about protecting peoples lives...but what do I know?!

Well today has been mostly work, and very important work as it was pay day! There were more emails to read and I've begun to write some policies as well as look at the number of children I can take into my pre-school and when. The guidance for early years recommends keeping to small groups of no more than 8 children but if you can't do that then 16 is fine - what?! It would appear that more of my local primary schools are being cautious and at the very least delaying their opening to more children. Guidance from our council to primary schools is to ensure that social distancing is maintained at all times for those children being invited to return which is mainly the 5 & 6 year olds, which means that a lot of schools will not have the physical space to accommodate the children. Goodness knows what schools are going to do as other year groups are supposed to return! Oh and there has been no specific local guidance for those of us who look after 2, 3 and 4 year olds!

We had our usual couple of miles walk out at lunchtime in glorious weather before returning to more work and then helping Molly with her resignation letter for work. I really can't see the point in her doing something she is so unhappy with, she is the right age to be just 'going for stuff' and trying things now while she has no financial commitments to hold her back. So please find Shutter Studios on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and give her a like and a follow.

Take care out there,

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