Saturday, 2 May 2020

Day 45

Day 45...

And it's the weekend! And the sun is shining after a very grey week!

First job of the day was for me and Molls to head off to get our click and collect grocery shop. Very happy that we were collecting today as I think the queue into the store was one of the longest we'd seen. Saturday morning wouldn't be my choice of shopping day ordinarily at the best of times as I never want shopping to interfere with weekend plans but today it was a case of going with whatever delivery slot I could get. The great thing was that when we parked up at the lockers one of the store employees (who me and Molls affectionately call Marky Mark - not to his face though), was there, saw us and brought our shopping straight to us - no messing!

Once home we had the job of wiping everything down and getting rid of what packaging we could before we could put it all away.

Simon has spent the day building a new helmet mold which has involved multiple layers of latex being applied to the master helmet which is a long process as it's apply a layer...leave it...apply a layer...leave it and so on! This is the progress so far but there is still a long way to go yet;
Initial thin layers

Mixing latex solution and catalyst

More layers going on and many more needed
My afternoon was helping Simon where I could as in between helmet mold making he was sorting out his work space; a compact area that has lots of cables...lots and lots of main job was supplying the coffee! Oh and a little more online birthday shopping! Oops!

It is sometime hard to grasp the situation that we are in at the moment on days like today when we have had a pretty ordinary day, in fact the sort of weekend day we would have had prior to all this virus malarkey. Watching a YouTube video by Dr Hope's Sick Notes it really brought home what is happening to those at the front line and how awful this virus is and just how long this is all going to go on for. Please pop over and give his videos a watch for a insight into what our NHS are coping with.

It makes it really hard seeing social media posts from people who are blatantly ignoring the guidelines to stay at home, people venturing further afield than they are supposed to and meeting up with people outside of their household. Do people not understand that stay at home means stay at home and not pop round to your 'insert name of designated individual' may think you're being safe but it really is a slap in the face for the rest of us who are making sacrifices to do as we are told.

My heart breaks for my Molly and her fella as they have not been able to see each other now since this whole thing cracked off. They had weekends booked off work and plans to do things that simply have not been able to happen. They live 190 miles apart as it is so their time together has always been that bit more precious so when I see others flaunting the rules so blatantly it really does make me quite mad!

We all need to be in this together, it is not one rule for one and one for another we must all do the same. Stay home, simple...


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