Thursday, 14 May 2020

Day 57

Day 57...

Well a good chunk of the day was taken up with work as more parents responded to my email asking whether they wanted their children to return to pre-school at the beginning of June. Today the responses were quite mixed with most of them being hesitant to let their children return.

There have been quite a few letters shared over social media today from headteachers basically saying how uncomfortable they are with re-opening their schools. How they cannot possibly keep young children socially distanced, and how children are known to spread infections like wild fire at the best of times so in this circumstance it stands to reason that they will spread it way farther than normal.

In between emails and government updates I managed to get a few household chores completed and we managed our usual lunchtime walk out. The weather was much nice today and the views much clearer than they have been the last few days.

This afternoon I spent an hour or so recording a podcast episode for the Disney Dream Girls; Michelle and I spoke with former Disney imagineer Terri Hardin who was fascinating to talk to. She spoke about working on David Lynch's film Dune, on Ghostbusters, chatting with Michael Jackson while filming the Captain EO film for the Disney parks, working on a Christmas special with Dolly Parton as well as creating the fabulous La Taniere du Dragon attraction at Disneyland Paris.
A little podcast recording
And this evening we had some unexpected visitors...

...not sure where they've come from and later on they came back and visited us again!

And that was today...feels like a bit of a whirlwind day for some reason, but I suppose busy days are good days at the moment!


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