Friday, 8 May 2020

Day 51

Day 51...

So today is a bank holiday (moved from Monday) to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day, which means we get an extra long weekend!

Simon's first job of the day was to see whether the Mandalorian helmet mold that he has been working on had been successful...and thankfully the answer was yes! All that remains now is to cast a new helmet, but Simon is very happy with how the mold has turned out, it is super clean and came apart beautifully. I wonder how many helmets this one will produce?
Fibre glass outer shell complete
Silicone mold inside
And the silicone mold emerges!!
We took our usual walk out early this afternoon and had one of those walks where all we seemed to be doing was avoiding people. I guess the sunshine, and it being a bank holiday, had encouraged a lot of people out today. Thankfully most were obeying social distancing and smiled or said hello.

This afternoon has been very quiet and has mainly involved me sitting outside, drinking coffee and reading. I came across an article while perusing Instagram called 'The Biggest Myth of Modern Nutrition; healthy plant-based diets' - a fascinating read, some of which I already knew but it was great to read a very balanced article. But really does highlight how people with their own agendas and religious beliefs can have such an impact on something like dietary information with absolutely no science to back up their claims. It is then so sad to see big corporate companies involved with supporting diet and health agencies and organisations where their own profit margins are holding court and forcing guidelines in directions to suit their own means.

Must admit I've been feeling pretty low today. I've been disheartened to see news reports of people gathering together to celebrate VE day but not adhering to social distancing all while we still had another 626 people die in the UK. The reports are flying around over what our government will announce on Sunday regarding the lockdown and the plan to get out of it and quite frankly I think the press are just fueling the fire and not asking responsible, sound questions. Rather than ask pertinent, well thought out questions they just seem to want to put ideas in peoples heads and speculate...not helpful.

We need the government to be honest and tell us what is likely to happen and when and what will happen if we don't all do as we are told. So for all those that have 'gathered together' today and not kept socially distanced I wonder if we will see a spike in cases in a few days time? It is hard enough having to stick to this lockdown without people blatantly acting against it...yet again the acts of the minority spoiling it for the majority.

I can't do much but I can stay home and keep my distance and if we all do that perhaps we will get out of this sooner rather than later...who knows?!


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