Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Day 62

Day 62...

Well today has definitely been a work day! Most of my day was spent constructing emails to my staff and committee to try and give them an idea of what we are up against as we figure out if and when we could potentially re-open pre-school.

After the emails were sent I then spent most of the day reading the replies and responding to questions! We have so much to think about and I knew that by passing on the information that I have gleaned it would generate more questions than answers.

Opening pre-school, in whatever form it takes, will not be like it used to be. We are having to consider not only the physicality of re-opening; the cleaning routines, the equipment we can (and cannot) use and the layout of the room but also who do we open it for? How many children can we fit safely in our room? Which children need a place? Which children can we actually offer a place to? How many staff will we need? Which staff are able to work? And then add into all of that the recommendations from the government and we have a minefield to navigate!

There has been lots of talk today in the media, and on social media, that the country needs to have a competent and strong 'track and trace' system in place before schools open up, along with surveys suggesting that 80% of parents will not be sending their children back until September. It will be interesting to see how this unfurls over the next couple of weeks and whether all the work and stress that it is causing me now will actually be needed.

Our walk out at lunchtime was a nice relief and chance to get away from the keyboard and we managed another couple of miles in about 40 minutes. And then this afternoon I made a point of stopping, having a coffee, a couple of pieces of very dark chocolate (85% my favourite!) and sat outside enjoying the warmth and a bit of sun while playing some daft games on my phone just as a way to disengage and refocus.

When Simon and Molly went down 'the gym' I decided to do my body weight exercises and took the chance to watch some Prince concert footage from 1985 that has just recently been released onto YouTube. I have vague memories of watching this on TV, probably around the time it was filmed; I remember sat in the kitchen at my parents house watching it on a small portable telly! I have great memories of seeing Prince live for the first time in 1988 on his Lovesexy tour...in fact we saw him twice in about two weeks if my memory serves me right and they were just the first of many, many times that we were fortunate enough to see him. An absolutely amazing and talented performer who always put on a fantastic show; we have so many, very happy, memories of seeing him live and I was gutted when he died but the music lives on and it's great to see his estate releasing footage like this.

Oh and Molly got flowers and chocolates today from her fella...ah how sweet is that, just makes your heart melt.

Take care,

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