Monday, 25 May 2020

Day 68

Day 68...

A steady start to the day as we had our weekly grocery order to pick up between 10am and 11am. It has been a beautiful, sunny and warm day today and we did notice driving around this morning two things; the number of cars parked close to where we live, which we assume is due to people walking around our area and then the number of people we saw out walking in general. I have driven around our area at this sort of time on a sunny bank holiday before and never seen that many folk out and about!

Anyways, once we had our shopping it was the usual back home, unpack, wipe everything down, get rid of as much packaging as possible before packing it all away and then having a well deserved coffee.

Simon has spent more time today figuring out the electronics for his mouse droid. He has the sound working and is now figuring out the movement aspect, so while he has movement he needs to get the power right to move the weight of the droid, so lots of experimenting and researching!

Our walk out today was one of our longer ones and took us on a completely new route, discovering paths never walked before and I must admit screwed up my sense of direction or rather proved my lack of sense of direction. We ended up walking 5.5 miles in 1 hour 55 minutes in glorious sunshine and although we saw a few people we didn't see too many and everyone was lovely and smiley and polite.

This afternoon I have spent a little time reading more of Dr Ted Naiman's The P:E Diet and understanding a little more about his approach to achieving a healthy weight and staying there. I am pretty happy with the way my body is, although I have no idea how much I weigh as I no longer check, but I am always on the look out for more information to see if we can optimise what we are currently doing. His approach is all about keeping energy low and protein high, we already keep our carbs extremely low but think we can probably get a better ratio of proteins to fats.

Then later on I joined in with a little Disney quiz via Zoom organised by my fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle and, with a little assistance from Molly, we did pretty well! I was just happy we managed to get the technology working!

Back to work tomorrow,

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