Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Day 49

Day 49...

Well today has been another mix of work and chill. A few emails checked and dealt with, some interesting links followed, articles read and information gleaned and stored.

Today we received an order from an online butchers that I had placed at the beginning of the lockdown when I was struggling to get some items on my normal grocery shop. So I took the plunge and placed an order even though the delivery was at that point about 5 weeks away. Well today it arrived and I had to get Molly to move the box from the front door to the kitchen for me because I couldn't lift it...12kg of meat...think we might be ok for a while...although being the carnivore family that we are...

Simon and I took our usual walk out at lunchtime in the glorious sunshine and decided to walk over the fields today.

I then enjoyed a relaxed afternoon of sitting outside drinking coffee, topping up my vitamin D and reading my current book by Dr Ted Naiman called The P:E Diet...

...along with completing my current jigsaw...

...looks like I'll have to start a new one tomorrow so I may have to place another order so I have one ready and waiting for when I complete it!

Simon has spent an hour or so out in the garage this evening as the resin he needed for fibre glassing arrived today which has meant he has been able to complete the other half of the outer shell of his Mandalorian helmet mold.

Molly has spent her day sorting through all her photography work and is just in the process of re-organising the digital files which sounds like a mammoth job and one where she will probably need yet another hard disk. You can see some of her work on her website for Shutter Studios.This evening she took over the living room to complete her karate class online via Zoom!

So all in all a pretty decent day in our house.

Stay safe xx

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