Sunday, 10 May 2020

Day 53

Day 53...

OK so today has, surprise surprise, been another quiet day. Simon has been heads down working on his latest art commission piece as he is determined to get it finished sooner rather than later.

We had a little interlude this afternoon with another online version of Dr Sketchy's Nottingham. Once again hosted by the lovely Scarlett Daggers and with poses and a performance from Coco Deville. Here are a few of my attempts!


And then this evening we had Boris Johnson unveil the UK's plan for coming out of the lockdown...I think...maybe...perhaps. It really was as clear as a pint of mud! Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (who last time I checked were still part of the UK) have all said let's keep staying at home, let's review again in about 3 weeks, let's not speculate on schools just yet but we will let you go out to exercise more than once a day - I think that's all very sensible.

And then we get Boris saying that in England we have to 'stay alert' - WTF does that mean? How can I stay alert for something that is invisible! And for some reason Wednesday is the day we can go out and exercise more...we can sit in a park or drive somewhere to exercise...err I think I'll stick to my local walks and sitting on my patio thank you very much. Oh and then tomorrow if you aren't working you can go back but only if you don't use public you're telling us this at 7pm before we should be back working in what 12 hours tops?! Really? How is that supposed to work? What have employers done to make it safe to go back to work? Did employers even know that was going to be announced? What do the employees feel about it all? So many questions!

Oh so it's now okay to exercise some more, play sports (but only with members of my household) and to go to work BUT I can't go see my dad or my really does not make any logical sense.

And then apparently schools will partially re-open in June to certain year groups, now I see a lot of government emails from the education department and this has not been mentioned. I know some schools are open for keyworkers children but these are small numbers and working safely with small numbers is totally different to opening for  various year groups which in some schools could be 100+ pupils - ridiculous. Again, have they even thought whether parents feel comfortable sending their children back to school, never mind what the teaching staff and unions think? And how exactly did they determine which year groups should go back and what was the thinking behind sending back very young primary school children when social distancing still needs to be adhered to - have you seen children when they get together?

Why, oh why, can't we just keep staying home, keep our heads down and hope that we get the infection rate as low as we can. Why risk all the good work achieved over the last 7 weeks or so? It will be interesting (and that doesn't feel the right word to use) to see whether we get an increase in cases in about two weeks time in reaction to the stupidity seen over the weekend in some areas along with the easing of these 'restrictions'. It will unfortunately be a matter of only time will tell and that, to be frank, makes me extremely angry, annoyed, disappointed and very sad.



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