Sunday, 3 May 2020

Day 46

Day 46...

Well today we should have been trooping at Emcon in Nottingham with our EMG (East Midlands Garrison) Star Wars cosplay family but instead we are staying home and trying to do our bit to keep the country safe.

Simon has been busy adding more, and more, layers to his new helmet mold while also doing some artwork for a retro gaming magazine. We are extremely fortunate that this lockdown hasn't really affected Simon's normal day job making video games nor has it affected his ability to create props or complete artwork commissions. In fact we had wondered if requests for helmets would be quiet this year or whether the lockdown would give people the chance to focus on projects that would otherwise have been sidelined. Or perhaps the knock-on financial effects would cause people to think twice before spending or would it free up cash for some? Then sure enough today someone has contacted Simon to say he can now afford a helmet because of the money being saved on petrol by working from home!
Silicone mold completed and ready for next stage tomorrow
Simon has also got a project underway to build a storage unit to house the trunk we use to store his stormtrooper armour in. This has so far involved us salvaging some wood, cutting to size, washing and then leaving to dry in the garage. The wood has now been brought inside so that it can dry out completely at room temperature...
Pile of wood now sitting in my hall!
...this does mean that I now have a pile of wood sitting in my hall...along with an R2D2 and mouse droid works in progress...that's what everybody else has in their house, right?

We took a longer walk out today, managing just under 4 miles in an hour and 20 minutes and despite the grey skies we encountered quite a few people but everyone was keeping their distance and everyone said hello and smiled.

This afternoon I baked a low carb blueberry and yogurt cake which came out pretty good; I left out the sweetener (not a fan of artificial sweeteners as they can often leave a weird taste or texture) but added some vanilla instead. I think next time I will add some cinnamon as well.

I have also made a keto chicken curry pie for the first time today. The pastry case is one I make quite regular for a meat pie recipe and uses ground almonds, sesame seeds and coconut flour as it's main ingredients. The filling is chicken, mayonnaise, eggs, cream cheese, green pepper, cheese and some seasoning...I even made my own curry powder!
Keto Chicken Curry Pie - yummy!
I will admit to feeling quite anxious today and am worrying about when we all have to go back to work and whatever the new normal will be. I am not sure that I am actually ready to go back any time soon and am having difficulty understanding how we can all just go back when this virus is still out there. I appreciate that everyone has work and financial considerations but I am struggling to get past the bigger consideration of health and life. We all have people in our lives who are vulnerable to this virus, we all have lives that we would like to live out to our fullest and get to do all the things that we have dreamed of or have planned and surely holding out a bit longer will enable all those things to happen. Personally I just think if we take it slow and steady and plan and re-engage with the outer world in a methodical and planned way it will be so much better and curb the chances of this thing coming back and hitting us harder a second time around. Let's beat it now rather than be living in a perpetual state of uncertainty.

Take care all,

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