Friday, 29 May 2020

Day 72

Day 72...

Well would you believe it yesterday I started the day battling with blogger to get my little icon image where I wanted it on the page and couldn't do what I wanted. So this morning I decided placing my image to the left would be the new look but no blogger wouldn't let me do that...but it would let me place the image to the right where I wanted it yesterday - ARGH!!

Today has been yet another heavy work day; I have refined our new 'epidemic and pandemic' policy; I have cross referenced the policy and risk assessment to make sure I've not missed anything; I have wrote a 'parental agreement' as well as an addendum to staffs contracts as well as dealing with emails and ordering some more essential supplies for when we do re-open.

We took our usual walk out at lunchtime and enjoyed yet another lovely warm and sunny day. Then later on this afternoon I spent an hour or so chatting and recording with my lovely friend and fellow Disney Dream Girl, Michelle. We spoke about the cancelling of various Disney trips that Michelle has had to very sadly make as well as the proposed opening of Walt Disney World and asking when we thought we would be likely to return. I had hoped to be there sometime this year but this will not now be happening, I can't see us returning until the world is back to something like the old normal. There are lots of restrictions being put in place at the minute, experiences being cancelled, systems being changed and lots more and I'm just not convinced that it will be the same sort of experience. Especially not for us Brits who have an awful long way to travel that can be rather expensive!

I must admit to feeling quite despondent today and a little overwhelmed. I feel like I am in a no win situation with work as whether or not I personally think we should be opening I still have to make a decision that will affect my staff and the families that we support. The message from the government is schools should be reopening so parents will be expecting us to do just that, but what if it's not the right time? What if by opening we have an outbreak? Do I want to risk my staff, and their families, getting ill? Do I want to risk the children and the families that come to our pre-school getting ill? Do I want to bring the virus home and infect my family? Obviously the answer is no but we have a government saying 'hey let's get everywhere open' while the scientists are quietly saying 'well...err...maybe not...we might be causing more problems...there might be another spike' - so with all that I am left to make a decision that could affect 10's if not 100's of people. I don't get paid a vast amount of money, our pre-school is  a small charity organisation and so it feels really unfair the amount of pressure we are getting put under and I hate that feeling.

We had just started to get our lives back this year after years of scrapping by, years of looking after sick and elderly relatives, experiencing the death of parents and then having gone through breast cancer last year this was supposed to be the year we got to do the things we'd been putting off. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, and I know other people have had to cancel weddings and parties and more, it's just so annoying that we have all been stopped in our tracks. And more annoying that our government seems to be making such a hash of things when other countries have seemingly got things sorted. The little faith I had in the powers that be is feeling severely stretched at the moment and I don't really trust them to do anything that is in the interests of the population. And if that's the case I am really struggling to see how and when we are going to come out of all this and that is really not a pleasant thought.

Take care out there,

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